Hockey semi – final estimates Lock the biggest champion favorite, these match pairs will start the semi-finals

HIFK’s endurance is a big mystery due to the coronavirus circulating in the team.

Lukko – Ilves

Lock starts from excellent setups in the semifinals against Ilves, and as the biggest champion favorite. Below are eight consecutive wins in the regular season and head coach Pekka Virta has returned as responsible. The teams ’regular-season encounters are unusually recent, with all four games taking place in the spring-winter within two months.

Luko has the best defense in the League, a good goalkeeper and a resultant attack where as many as eight players scored ten goals or more. Eetu Koivistoinen, Pavol Skalicky, Aleksi Saarela and defender Robin Press scored a total of 84 goals in the regular season. If even part of it goes into play offs, it will be hard for Luko.

The first center of the lynx went into circulation when Arttu Ruotsalainen after his visit headed to the NHL world. Now Ilves trusts Teemu Lepauken, although others have been seen with that wash. Eemeli Suomen the powers will increase in value if Ilves is going to get knocks on the side of even the most popular.

Encounters in the regular season: 2.2. Ilves – Lukko 1–4, 3.2. Lukko – Ilves 4–1, 20.3. Ilves – Lukko 4–3, 8.4. Lukko – Ilves 4–3.

Assessment: The lock continues to the semi-finals with a win of 3-1.


Colorful the couple especially because of their recent past. In the last three playoff springs, the teams clashed against each other. IFK won the weather players in 2017, but lost in near-epic encounters in the semi-finals of 2018 and 2019. Last year, no playoffs were played.

In the regular season, the teams splashed the goals properly, Kärpät seven in Stad and IFK confirmed by making the same amount in Oulu. Now the game is condensing, and the biggest question lies in the condition of IFK of the day. How the team withstands an exceptionally close pace of play.

Coronavirus wiped the team over at the end of the regular season and not the No. 1 center striker Anton Lundell had time to play like two matches before the playoffs began. Defender Joonas Lyytinen is missing from the assembly at the beginning of the series. The game of flies has fluctuated, however Cody Kunyk, Mika Pyörälä, Juhamatti Aaltonen, Jussi Jokinen and young challengers are a dangerous combination.

Encounters in the regular season: 9.10. HIFK – Flies 3–7, 14.11. Flies – HIFK 1–7, 5.3. HIFK – Flies 4–3, 6.4. HIFK – Flies 0–1 (donation due to coronavirus).

Estimate: The flies will advance to the semi-finals with a win of 3-1.

Anton Lundell’s condition is a mystery after a long period of non-play.­


Pelicans was in the middle of winter Ryan Laschin team, but is now fully captain Hannes Björnisen in the grasp of. During Lasch’s time, the Pelicans seemed to be climbing almost into impossibility, and when he left, it was harder. The longing begins to level off.

Head coach Tommi Niemelä has done an excellent job, given the contract difficulties of Pelicans players in the summer and a tight budget.

The last ten seasons of TPS have been roller coasters. In as many as five seasons, the regular season ranking was ten or worse. Puck legend Raimo Helminen became head coach on a one-year contract and the skeptics shouted in the choir. Helminen restored the credibility of TPS and there is no shortage of playoff playoff success, which can also come.

Josh Kestner for a wrist shot, Lauri Pajuniemen solving skills and youth Juuso Pärssinen, 20, there is enough demand if Tepsi is going to jerk himself further. Russian Ruslan Ishakov is skillful and surprising, but can be selfishly disruptive to the game as a whole.

Encounters in the regular season: 11.11. TPS – Pelicans 3-4 and., 16.12. Pelicans – TPS 3–2 and., 19.3. TPS – Pelicans 5–1, 1.4. Pelicans – TPS 4–3 vl.

TPS will advance to the semi-finals with a win of 3-1.

TPS Josh Kestner has one of the best shots in the League.­


Tappara got the important players back in when Kristian Kuusela returned to the straps after a long break in March. Defender Valtteri Kemiläinen took over the iron line as he returned from his very long corona break, which began after a February national team trip. Kemilä was on sick leave for two months and six days.

In his return match against Ilve, Kemiläinen’s powers rose to 2 + 1. It looked good and hopefully the condition will withstand the fierce pace of the playoffs.

In the spring of 2017, KalPa was ready to challenge in the Tappara League final, but there is no longer the same readiness. Tappara’s experience, wider material and the number of solvers turn the advantage in the direction of Hakametsä.

Tappara has enough championship tradition, but a central striker Jarkko Malisen the statistics are special. He plays in the League for the 15th season and for the second time in Tappara. Although Tappara has played six times in the finals in the last ten seasons and won two championships, neither has hit Malinen. He was playing in KooKoo when Tappara celebrated two consecutive Finnish Championship golds in 2016 and 2017. There are enough silver medals in Malis.

Tappara will advance to the semifinals 3-0.

Encounters in the regular season: 9.10. KalPa – Tappara 3–6, 21.11. Tappara – KalPa 2–1 and., 12.2. KalPa – Tappara 1-2 vl., 12.3. Tappara – KalPa 1–0.

Valtteri Kemiläinen is an important piece in Tappara’s superiority game and defense.­

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