Hockey Sam Jardine saw when a teammate’s heart stopped in the trough – a new beginning was found in HIFK

Defender Sam Jardine made his debut when HIFK reset SaiPa in his home trough.

HIFK – SaiPa 3–0

Helsinki IFK was a rude host to SaiPalle in the hockey league. HIFK reset visitors purely 3-0 and consolidated their positions as fifth in the standings. SaiPa is still 13th.

Defender who arrived in Helsinki on Friday Sam Jardine made his debut in a HIFK shirt. He was immediately implanted in the number one pair Jordan Schmaltzin with.

The 28-year-old Canadian moved to HIFK from the Central European ICEHL League, Bratislava Capitals, which tragically interrupted his season.

Jardinen teammate Boris Sadeckyn, 24, heart stopped in early November in the middle of the match. He died six days later. In memory of his friend, Jardine introduced this game number 10 at HIFK.

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“Boris was a great man and a fantastic teammate. He loved hockey, his family, teammates, and his wife. Everyone is really sad that he’s gone, ”Jardine talked after the game.

“He was a special person and very close to me. Great to be able to carry his memory on my shirt. ”

Two days after Sadecky’s gruesome fate, the Capitals experienced another shock when the club’s vice president Dusan Pasek Jr, 36, was found dead at his home. His is told committed suicide.

After the season was interrupted, Jardine left home to explore her thoughts with her family.

“It was a difficult time. I thought of everything, even quitting, ”the defender said.

“In the future, it’s just important for everyone who knows them to stay good and live to the fullest as long as we’re here.”

Jardine did not get the start they wanted for the match. Immediately in the first installment of SaiPan Filip Pyrochta yelled at the defender and made the most sooty Niilo Halonen with. Jardine followed on his knees on the surface of the ice as Halonen saved the situation.

In the second installment, however, the debutant also recorded a plus in his power stats while on the ice during Schmaltz’s 1-0 goal.

2 – 0 for HIFK Roni Hirvonen, and the third hit nailed the final moments Otto Paajanen.

SaiPa had to change goalkeeper in the first half of the match with the score still 0-0. Niclas Westerholm no longer returned from the locker room even to the changing bench when he was 19 years old Juho Markkanen skated between poles.

“It didn’t really stick to the booth, so it was changed,” the coach said Pekka Virta avoided the question of the health of his goalkeeper.

The setback is big for SaiPa, as Westerholm has been one of the hottest goalkeepers in the league at the beginning of the season.

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