Hockey Ryan Donato scorched Seattle Kraken’s first goal in NHL history, defeat came with much-talked-about skate control

Finnish striker Joonas Donskoi was presenting Seattle’s opening goal.

Seattle Kraken’s hockey league in the NHL began with a questionable loss. Kraken lost to the Vegas Golden Knights in a 3-4 away pitch.

The match was played in the same Las Vegas T-Mobile arena with Robert Helenius banged his fists a few days ago towards the Pole Adam Kownackia.

Seattle had risen to 3 to 3 in the third set until Chandler Stephenson solved the game with his much talked about skate paint. The hit came in just 35 seconds Morgan Geekien after smoothing.

Kraken NHL history began grimly. The team lost 0-3 before the middle of the second round. Experienced Max Pacioretty had time to hit two goals Jonathan Marchessault one and seems to come to this league only through the main doors.

Finnish striker Joonas Donskoi was the initialization of Seattle’s opening paint and an important reduction. Donskoi circled with the puck free and baited To Vince Dunn, which fired. Donato scooped the opening goal a meter away from the frame.

Donskoin had to be on the corona protocol glass before the match. Even in the morning of the game day, Donskoi was not allowed to talk about his own situation, but in the end he got to the opening.

Hard with a crack, Kraken still leveled with a Morgan Geekie top corner shot with a foul guard Robin Lehner either lost the puck in his eyes or was otherwise surprised.

The Vegas winning goal was pushed in from Chandler Stephenson’s skate with strong control. In this goal, the so-called kick goal rule of hockey was stretched as tight as possible.

Stephenson both turned and guided the puck with his foot to the finish. The current rule interpretation seems to allow this and the paint acts as a precedent for future hits from the skate.


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