Hockey Russian NHL star Alexander Ovethkki receives harsh criticism: “Tells a fairy tale”

The NHL star has not criticized President Vladimir Putin.

Czech hockey legend Dominik Hasek criticized the Russian NHL star harshly last week Aleksandr Ovetškinia in response to this comments from Russia to start a war in Ukraine. Now Hashek has continued to criticize Sweden To SVT in an interview.

Hasek barked at Ovethkin last week as a coward and a liar after a Russian player had commented quite roundly on the Russian president Vladimir Putin launched an attack.

Ovethkin, who was considered an active supporter of Putin, was asked if he still supported Putin.

“He’s my president, but like I said, I’m not involved in politics. I’m an athlete, and I hope it’s all over soon, ”was Ovethkin’s response.

Hashek was not convinced by Ovethkin’s comments.

“He is not only a pretender and a coward, but also a liar,” Hashek muttered.

Dominik Hašek photographed in 2018.

Hashek tells SVT that Ovethkin is lying about many things.

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“It’s a lie he’s not interested in politics. Even a child knows what a war is. Everything he says about the Russian attack is a lie and an explanation. I would have been almost happier if he had said that Russia has the right to take over Ukraine compared to what he is now saying, ”Hashek commented.

Ovethkin the family lives in Russia, and the man has refused to comment further on the situation. There is little understanding of Hashek.

“Yes, he is in a difficult situation, but that is no explanation. He has always been a great supporter of Putin. ”

Different perspectives have been put forward on the impact of sport on Putin and Russia’s hostilities. Hashek believes it is important to exclude Russian teams and athletes from international competition.

“Maybe not right now, but the Russian people are feeling its impact more week by week.”

“It will create distrust in the state leadership, and therefore Russian NHL players should be excluded from the series immediately. That would be a really hard blow to Putin. ”

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