Hockey Pelicans overthrew TPS with the power of Kangasniemi, Saarela rescued Luko from Ilves’ escape

The start time, which was postponed to four in the afternoon, made it possible for the restaurant auditorium to be open and for a couple of hundred spectators in Turku.

Lahti Pelicansin Iikka Kangasniemi made a great return to the pitch on Monday in the opening match of the men ‘s hockey league semi – finals against the Turku Ball Club.

Kangasniemi, who returned from a month’s sick leave, scored a goal and scored three when the Pelicans spun a 5-3 away win over TPS.

The Pelicans lead a series of 1-0, and the teams will meet for the second time on Tuesday in the same arena. The sequel is full of three wins.

“We got off to a good start and a good second set turned the match for us. As expected, the fight was a tough battle, but especially the success of special situations created self-confidence for the players, ”Pelicans head coach Tommi Niemelä stated.

The ball club’s game was agile, and the team didn’t get to the pace it did in its best games in the regular season.

TPS: n head coach Raimo Helminen admitted that the Pelicans were one step ahead of the match.

“At times, we were able to tight tight, but in many things we were clearly weaker than Pelicans,” Helminen summed up.

Thanks to the easing of corona restrictions, teams did not have to start their semi-finals in front of a nitrogen-free stands. The start time postponed to four in the afternoon allowed the restaurant auditorium to be open and a crowd of two hundred spectators.

Regular series winner Lukko survived Ilves’ tension with fright

Rauman Lukko opened the league’s semi-finals against Ilve on Monday with the power that the winner of the regular season is expected to have. Anrei Hakulinen guided a safe-feeling 3-0 lead in the opening minute of the second set, but few knew at the time that the home team was allowed to do a full job ahead of their 5-3 victory.

If someone made the mistake of licking in a 3-0 situation, licking too early. The next three goals were scored by Ilves, who made his way forward from the opening round of the playoffs.

A greedy goal became the savior of the lock Aleksi Saarelaby directly Robin Pressin a 4–3 hit from a cross pass was the winning goal. 5–3 finished Pavol Skalicky to an empty finish.

“I don’t know what happened after our third goal. The lynx got on top of the game and we got a good lesson that a hockey match lasts 60 minutes, ”still Pekka Power Lock in the exchange box and as chairman presiding Erik Hämäläinen thought after the match.

“A few easy mistakes that a high-quality home team was able to take advantage of. All you can do here is come back to the same hall on Tuesday with a more terrible heartbeat, ”Ilves’ head coach Jouko Myrrä closely.

The special feature of Monday’s match is that April 19th is the birthday of two crucial people for the teams.

Now only Lukko’s head coach Pekka Virta, who has turned 52, received the gift. Ilves goalkeeper Eetu Mäkiniemi The age meter, on the other hand, turned 22 years old, but the joys of growing up in Kiekko-Vantaa remained.

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