Hockey Pasi Mustonen, who leaves Beijing, communicates with his successor during the Lions matches: “It would be even amazing if we didn’t communicate”

Long-term head coach Pasi Mustonen is still involved in the story of the Female Lions.


Female lions head coach Pasi Mustonen had to leave Finland after the opening match of the Olympic tournament due to a serious health situation related to his family.

The directors were Mustonen, who worked as an assistant coach for many years Juuso Toivola. She revealed after the semi-final victory in Japan that she is still communicating about Mistress Lions with Mustonen – even in the middle of a match using the Whatsapp app.

“We’ve been in touch between games and every now and then during games. We have a connection. More and less. There has been a connection, ”Toivola said.

However, Toivola denied that Mustonen would be more or less the head coach.

“Yes, I am the head coach and I have the responsibility. Our cooperation will continue. ”

Can you tell in more detail what kind of things you go through when talking to Mustonen?

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“Games and individuals. We have agreed with Pas that we will use what we use. We are here and we will make the final decisions, ”said Toivola, who served as the assistant coach of the Female Lions for the entire Mustonen head coaching period.

“Eight years of cooperation and now it so happened that he had to leave. Somehow it would even be amazing if we didn’t communicate.”

Toivola expected stronger opposition from Japan: Finland won 7–1. The head coach admitted he was excited before and during the match.

“It was exciting from start to finish. Thanks to the players, they did a great job. The team has a big force. The team caught fire inside, ”Toivola said.

The win and the semifinals were a relief for the new head coach.

“For the first time in a situation like this, as head coach on a fast schedule, so be it [voitto] facilitated. The win and the semi-finals, thankfully, happened like this, ”he concluded.

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The rock-hard United States will face the semi-finals. The match is ahead of Monday.

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