Hockey Pasi Mustonen clarified his relationship with Noora Rädy and looked in the mirror in the evening: “I can’t do more”

Pasi Mustonen says that he has maintained harmony in the Women’s Lions team.

9.11. 20:00

Head coach Pasi Mustonen has caused a great stir around the women’s hockey national team by engaging in a public war of words Noora Rädy with.

After Rädy’s refusal to play in the World Cup in August, Mustonen left the goalkeeper out of the national matches against Canada in November.

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In addition, Mustonen accused Räty of violating the legislation of the Ministry of Education. The coach insisted that the athlete receiving the grant should always be available to the national team.

Now However, Mustonen apologizes for his accusations.

“I have already personally apologized to Noora and I would now like to say that I am very sorry, first of all, for the feelings I have caused her with my own terminological incomprehension,” the coach commented. Above.

The term “law” used by Mustonen to receive the grant was not true.

“It’s completely my fault, and this I’ve apologized for has caused feelings he doesn’t deserve. Hand up. I made a mistake, equated the terms and conditions and used the wrong term in the law, ”he continued in Yle’s interview.

Head coach Pasi Mustonen apologized to Noora Rädy.

Dispute is wood also with the rest of the team. According to the coach, there is no reason to suspect that the storm of publicity had affected the players ’performance.

“Usually you can see it immediately on the ice from the quality of the exercises, whether there is harmony in the team,” Mustonen commented to HS.

“I can’t go from another person to a warranty, but I’ve been a coach for so long that I know it as soon as we go to the ice. Now we’ve pulled out three really good workouts. I rely on that evidence to think about whether there is good status in a community. ”

Mustonen realizes that as a national team coach you can never make everyone completely satisfied. Negative attention inevitably gives rise to talk of changing coaches.

“The position of head coach is always questioned. That’s not my business. I do my job to the best of my ability, ”he acknowledges.

“For a long time, I’ve been doing this so that when I go home, I look figuratively in the mirror and ask if I did my best today. When I can say yes, with my existing resources and expertise, I can do no more. Because then I know no more. If someone demands more from me, then I need time to develop. ”

The world’s best women’s goalkeeper Noora Räty is watching the national team’s games on the home sofa so far.

Mustonen reminds that if you get caught up in other people’s opinions, the coach’s job becomes completely impossible.

He feels good at enduring criticism and dealing with the emotions it causes. Despite the criticism, it is important to be able to focus on their work and meet people on a daily basis.

“By the way, I wouldn’t be in this profession if I didn’t know it pretty well. You don’t happen to choose a person as the head coach, ”Mustonen clicks.

Next The female lions turn their attention to the Canadian matches, which will be played from 11 to 14 November. In Helsinki and Turku.

The team’s goalkeepers have been chosen Anni Keisala, Meeri Räisänen and Eveliina Mäkinen. According to Mustonen, the opponents of the Olympic team will be screened from a group of five goalkeepers, supplemented by Räty and Jenna Silvonen.

Räty is fifth on the list, even though he has played in a great early season at HPK. According to Mustonen, the way to get up in the pecking order is simple.

“All athletes just have to train and take care of their own daily lives. The same answer for everyone. One day at a time, everyday matters and the team will be selected in January. ”

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