Hockey Pasi Mustonen avoided questions about Noora Rädy and the selection: “Players have to ask that”

Pasi Mustonen said the opponent was better.

Female lions suffered the top team of the dull 2-5-loss to the United States in their opening match.

Finland had to leave the tournament, accompanied by a huge uproar, when the star goalkeeper Noora Räty was dropped out of the team.

He was offered an unprecedented “back-to-back goalkeeper seat at home,” and the offer was still in effect just before the tournament.

However, Räty told Ilta-Sanomat on Wednesday that he would like the goalkeepers selected for the Women’s Lions team to take responsibility.

Ilta-Sanomat tried again from Mustonen on Thursday after the US defeat to see if the Räty saga is now out of sight.

“I only comment on the players here,” Mustonen said.

Did you think the unprecedented choice affected the performance of the team?

“Does not, in my opinion. A good-natured and cheerful team was seen on the ice. I don’t see … There’s a good feeling in that booth. You have to ask the players that. ”

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Mustonen admitted that, especially in the second installment, the Lions was a clear opponent.

He also paid tribute to the opponent and not for no reason: the United States seems to be in a strong Olympic mood. Female lions should have stretched to the extreme to be able to challenge their top opponent.

Mustonen did not want to comment on how the goalkeeper Anni Keisala performed.

The female lion goalkeeper got into quite a puck rain as the United States fired as many as 52 times.

Defender of Finland Ronja Savolainen after the defeat, gave recognition to Keisala.

“He was standing on his head at times. I have to raise my hat. ”

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