Hockey Ovetkki reached the limit of 750 goals in the NHL as the fourth player

Even Ovashkki could rise to third on the NHL all-time scorers this season.

Russian striker Alexander Ovethkin the goalie has remained in the steel in the hockey NHL. In Saturday’s round, the Washington Capitals captain scored the 750th goal of his NHL career in the regular season when the capital’s team defeated Columbus Blue Jackets 3-1.

Ovetškin reached the frontier as the fourth player. In the NHL regular season scorer statistics, only the best scorer of the league has ever achieved it. Wayne Gretzky (894 goals), a pioneer of the sport known as Mr Hockey Gordie Howe (801) and Czech star Jaromir Jagr (766). Jagr crossed the line more than five years ago, in October 2016.

“750 is a pretty nice number. We just have to keep going, ”Ovethkin, 36, commented To the NHL.

He only needed 79 matches to rise from 700 goals to 750. This season, Ovetškinilla has 20 goals in 25 matches He has only 16 goals to go on Jagr’s readings, so if Ovetshkin stays healthy, he will rise to third place in the all-time statistic already this season.

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Columbus Newcomer Goalkeeper Daniil Tarasov only played their second NHL match. He became the 152nd goalkeeper in the league, behind which Ovetškin has shot the puck.

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