Hockey Olympic winner finds confusing reason for Russia’s unexpected fall: Games held in the wrong country

Russia crashed into an anonymous Canadian team in overtime.

Hockey The surprises that colored the men’s World Cup continued in the quarterfinals, when Russia, one of the tournament’s favorites, bowed to Canada in extra time with 2-1 goals.

Canada, on the other hand, was a successful hockey expert Miika Arposen according to the first country in World Cup history to advance to medal games after losing the first three matches of the tournament.

In Russia, the loss was received in various ways. The gaze was already turned to next winter’s Olympics and it was reminded that one match can be lost to anyone.

However, Olympic winner Darius Kasparaitis saw the most surprising reason for the loss.

“Russia had a tougher team, it had KHL stars, and men were also included in the NHL,” Kasparaitis reflected. Championatille.

“I didn’t think Canada would survive in the top four. Their victory over Russia is a big surprise. ”

“The cursed race was taken out of Belarus and given to Latvia. If the Games had been held in Lithuania, Russia would certainly have won. ”

Kasparaitis was born in Lithuania and has represented Russia and Lithuania in his career.

He won Olympic gold in a Russian shirt in 1992.



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