Hockey Noora Räty wants to go to the Olympics and the playoffs in the Finnish Championship: “If you are left out of the six, dogs can be blamed”

Admission to next winter’s Olympics is still a wish for goalkeeper Noora Rädy. The career will continue for at least another year if the Women’s Professional League finally starts in North America.


Dino and Kit are closely following their hostesses at the Hämeenlinna Ice Rink.

Dino is a Mixed Breed dog with a hockey goalie Noora Räty found on the street in China. Kit is a Japanese Shiba inu who Räty acquired for Dino as a friend through the American Rescue Association in Oklahoma.

“Kit needs Dino, but Dino thinks Kit could ski six,” Räty says, laughing.

At the end of September, Räty traveled with her dogs from the United States to Finland and Hämeenlinna. Due to the small number of passengers, only the third connecting flight from Reykjavik to Helsinki was successful.

Due to the delay, the permit papers obtained for the dogs had time to expire. Due to the paper war, Räty did not make it to the top of the women’s puck league. He missed four matches at the Hämeenlinna Pallo-Kerho HPK goal.

Women the league’s playoff series ends on December 12th. After that, the top six teams in the series will advance to the upper sequel. The last four will play in the lower end series, with the top two making the playoffs. Hämeenlinna is seventh in the league.

“The team had counted pretty much on me. If you are left out of the six, you can blame the dogs, ”Räty says in a semi-serious way.

Over the weekend, HPK won Vaasan Sport 6–0 and TPS won 2–1 in the winning shot competition. In the league table, the Points Score is calculated for the teams, and the HPK (1.25 points) rose right to the position of the TPS (1.29).

Räty made a deal with HPK in the spring when he couldn’t play for the Chinese Kunlun Red Star. The club announced that it will play only the players of the Chinese national team in the period 2021–2022.

Kunlun’s women’s team will play in the Russian league, and the Chinese national team is preparing for the Beijing Olympics next February.

“I started thinking about what I was doing. I could have continued abroad, but at this age I am no longer going to move to a new country. I can be close to my family in Finland, and HPK made the best offer, ”says Räty, 32.

Rädy’s brother received a family allowance in the summer, and his mother lives alone in Espoo.

“Espoo would have been the best option. There is Finland’s most superior team. In Hämeenlinna, I get to train with men, and there are good conditions for female players. It won’t be cold in matches. ”

“The Olympics are still a goal for me. You just have to play well. ”

Noora Räty played for Finland at the World Ice Hockey Championships in Espoo in 2019. Finland lost to the United States in the finals.

Räty wants to be in top shape as the head coach of the women’s national team Pasi Mustonen selects players for the Olympics. Finland’s best goalkeeper of all time needs league matches and a game routine.

The last time Räty played in the Women’s Championship Series in the 2013–2014 season was when he defeated Ilves in two matches.

In August, Räty was prevented from playing at the World Cup. He runs a goalkeeping school in Minnesota during the summer months and couldn’t take a vacation from there during the busiest time of the year.

Räty was not selected for the national team’s three matches against Canada in early November.

Räty and Mustonen agree with each other. Mustonen publicly apologized to Rädy.

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Even before this meeting, Räty said he did not want to talk about the national team in an interview.

“The Olympics are still a goal for me. You just have to play well. I have trained hard in the fall, pulled the maximum strength and gone ahead of the workouts. Now the power levels are at a level that I can start to sensitize towards the end of the season, ”says Räty.

Provided HPK will not continue to play medals, Rädy has the option to play abroad. It is also possible that he will continue until the end of the season in Hämeenlinna, whatever happened.

“HPK has good coaching and good training. There are a lot of situations in games. HPK’s defense is fine, but no goals have been scored. ”

Räty believes that HPK could reach the top of the league in a couple of years if it had a full-time coach, like seven other women’s teams.

However, the women’s team belongs to HPK’s league company.

“It can provide players with quality.”

Räty lives on rent near the ice rink, but often drives to Espoo with his family.

“I have been in the world for so many years that I enjoy being in Finland. The dogs keep me busy and the man is in Chicago. ”

Rädy’s fiancé Karel Popper has played as a goalkeeper at the university level. He got an assistant coach at Chicago Steel, which plays in the U.S. Hockey League (USHL). The couple has been together for six years.

“Not much to see, the summers are together. When both have the same species, they are forced to go where they can go. You can’t be terribly diva, ”says Räty.

In the spring of Corona 2020 Räty won the Farmi program and received a prize of 30,000 euros. The race brought Rädy to the attention of audiences other than those who followed hockey.

With her prize money, Räty bought jerseys and socks for the girls’ juniors from Espoo and supports the SOS Children’s Village.

“I didn’t give up everything. I bought a third investment home for which I spent a small amount of profit. That’s my retirement investment. In America, social security is a full zero, and everyone depends on their own happiness. We have to think about the future. ”

“The world’s top 60 female players are in Canada and the United States.”

After a break of many years, Noora Räty enjoys Finland and Hämeenlinna.

If the foreign option is not exercised, Räty may play for his last goalkeeping season. He’s not talking about ending his career, but leaving it behind.

The back gate is called PWHPA, the North American Professional League of Women’s Hockey. According to Rädy, the league could start operating in the fall of 2022 with six teams.

The WNHL rights to the previous project name have already been reserved and cannot be used. The formation of the league was a good model until the spring of 2020, but the pandemic stopped it.

“The top 60 female players in the world are in Canada and the United States. I’ve been involved for so long that I still want to play if the professional league comes true. ”

Coaching is also of interest to Räty, but more to coaching individuals than teams. Räty says he has been offered the position of assistant coach on many university teams.

“I have refused, at least for now. I don’t necessarily want to coach the team. I want to focus on individual development. It fascinates me more than the team. ”

Räty if anyone has seen the rise of women’s hockey as a notable sport.

How has the change been concretely reflected?

“The best players in the world are in top physical condition, the speed of play has increased and the Shooting Skill has improved. Everything has improved. Before, the team had one good field, now there are three good ones. The games are more tactical than before. ”

Although much has progressed, female players are still not paid. The professional league would change the situation. At HPK, Räty receives an expense allowance.

“Underestimation of female players has been less. Media and social media bring out game skills and personalities. People’s perceptions have changed. Likewise, the success of female lions has brought glory to the species. It is no longer strange that a girl carries a puddle bag. It used to be thought that it was a player’s sister, ”says Räty.

Dino and Kit have been kind all along, but are now starting to move restlessly. Nature is starting to call.

The hostess digs snacks from her pocket for the boys. Let’s go.

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Noora Räty

  • Born in May 1989 in Espoo, 32 years old.

  • Play in the 2021–2022 women’s league at the Hämeenlinna Ball Club.

  • Two Olympic bronzes for 2010 and 2018.

  • World Championship silver 2019 and four World Championship bronzes in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2017.

  • Clubs: Jäähonka, Espoo Ball Society, Espoo Blues (Women’s Championship Series), University of Minnesota, SKIF Nizhny Novgorod, Ilves Women, Kiekko-Vantaa (Men’s Mestis), KJT (Finland Series), Nokian Pyry (Finland Series), Kunlun Red Star (Russian League), PWHPA Minnesota, HPK (Women’s League).

  • Holds a goalkeeping school in Minnesota, USA.

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