Hockey Niagara Falls illuminated with Montreal Canadiens colors – Russia revered for itself

The Russian Consulate General claimed the falls would honor Russia’s National Day.

Known Canadian attractions have shown their support for the Montreal Canadiens, who play in the hockey league NHL.

The Canadiens are the only remaining Canadian team in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and more The CN Tower in Toronto is illuminated with the colors of the club.

Niagara Falls, one of the world’s most famous natural attractions, joined the Canadiens under the semi-finals.

“Horseshoe Falls illuminated in red, white and blue in honor of the Montreal Canadiens, the last remaining Canadian Stanley Cup aspirant,” on the falls ’Twitter account was told.

Horseshoe Falls is part of a natural wonder on the Canadian-American border.

In Toronto The Russian Consulate General in the United Kingdom revered itself in support of the Canadiens.

The Consulate General posted on its official Twitter account video and claimed in connection with the publication that the waterfall would be illuminated with the colors of the Russian flag in honor of the country’s National Day.

The Russians conveyed their erroneous message just a couple of hours after Niagara Parks had told about the waterfall lighting.

The semi-finals of the Montreal Canadiens and Vegas Golden Knights began with a 4-1 home win in Vegas. The place in the Stanley Cup finals comes off with four wins.



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