Hockey NHL striker Evander Kanen is suspected of betting on his team’s matches – the league has launched an investigation

The accusations were made by Kane’s wife.

San Jose Sharks striker Evander Kanen suspected of betting on his team’s matches. The NHL hockey league said Saturday night it was investigating Kane’s wife Anna Kanen an allegation that Kane had deliberately sought to lose the Sharks matches.

“How the NHL allows a gambling addict to continue to play when it is quite clear that he wants to lose his match to win money. Hmm, maybe someone should address this, ”Anna Kane wrote on Instagram according to the news agency AP.

“Can anyone ask (NHL commissioner) From Gary Bettman“How do they let a player bet on their own games?

The NHL said it took the allegation very seriously.

“The integrity of our game is paramount,” the league posted on Twitter.

Pregnant Anna Kane also accused her husband celebrating in Europe of abandoning her family. Anna Kane says she can’t afford to buy baby food for her daughter, and Evander Kane has ordered his wife to sell her wedding ring to survive.

Evander Kane, 29, has been in the headlines for his gambling and financial problems in recent years. In 2019, a Las Vegas casino sued Kane for failure to repay a half-million-dollar gaming debt.

Last season, Kane scored 49 points in 56 matches in a Sharks shirt. The attacker’s seven-year, $ 49 million contract is valid for another four seasons.

Kane has also played in his career in the Atlanta and Winnipeg and Buffalo organizations.



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