Hockey NHL goal scorer Aleksandr Ovetškin broke interest rate rules and was quarantined: four games could be missed

Four Russian players in Washington spent time with each other in a hotel room on a guest game trip.

NHL the very paint cannon of recent years Alexander Ovethkin may have to miss the next four matches. The Canadian media reports TSN on its website. TSN’s information comes from a coach in Washington From Peter Laviolette.

Four Washington Russian players violated a series of rate regulations on Wednesday. Winger Ovethkin, central forward Yevgeny Kuznetsov, defender Dmitri Orlov and goalkeeper Ilya Samsonov spent time with each other in a hotel room without wearing face masks. The threat of missing games affects the entire quartet.

Other players’ hotel room trips on guest games are prohibited by NHL corona rules. The team played in Pittsburg on Tuesday.

“We fully understand why the rules are in place, there is no disagreement about that. We want to act according to requirements. We need to do our job better, ”Laviolette said of TSN.

NHL said on Wednesday it would fine the team $ 100,000. Capitals tweeted after accepting the penalty and was disappointed with the players’ decision to spend time in a forbidden way. Ovetškin also said he regretted the matter.


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