Hockey MTV Sports: As many as six hockey championships in the league will follow the threat of bankruptcy

Clubs need financial support to continue their activities.

Even the activities of the six-man hockey league club threaten to end if current corona restrictions continue and the season is played to the end of empty stands. The matter is clear MTV Sports Report.

Clubs need financial support to continue their activities.

“Interrupting the season would be the worst and most expensive option,” the president of the SM League confirmed the news Heikki Hiltunen commented on MTV Sports.

Too much has been played due to interest rate restrictions without spectators since early December. Current crown regulations limit the number of participants in public events to 10-20 people. The restrictions are valid at least until the end of January.

The clubs received some relief from the financial situation last week, when the State Treasury granted support of 60,000 to 475,000 euros, depending on the club.


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