Hockey More corona infections revealed in the Helsinki IFK league team

The cases that have come to light do not extend the team’s current two-week quarantine so far.

Helsinki The IFK hockey league team revealed a coronavirus infection last Sunday. New infections have been revealed in a new corona test.

“There is more than one infection,” IFK’s communications manager Petteri Linnavalli said. “Unfortunately, I don’t want to comment on that in more detail. It’s about public commenting on employee health issues. People are pretty sensitive now. ”

Central striker Anton Lundell became infected with coronavirus in Malmö in connection with the Swedish EHT tournament in mid-February (11.2.-14.2.). Linnavalli said the current infections are not the cancellations of the Lions national team trip.

Lundell has recovered from the coronavirus and returned to practice, but now the team around is in quarantine.

At IFK has lived in a kind of corona bubble where the club and players have tried to be precise while avoiding infections.

“There have been potential exposures during the season and that’s when the player is left out of the lineup. We have always been a step more cautious than required by the Infectious Diseases Act, ”Linnavalli said.

Possible exposures have been related to, for example, a family member’s flu symptoms, which has left him or her out of games.

“We have not reported those cases separately.”

City Wall stressed that the infections that occurred in the team do not affect the length of the two – week quarantine that IFK has been in since the weekend infection.

IFK will lose seven league matches during the break. The league calculates the rankings in the regular season table with point averages. Before quarantine, IFK was second in the series in points and averages.

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