Hockey Montreal Canadiens tunes in a giant bang – one and the same rap song plays everywhere in a crazy city

The surprise team of the season, the Montreal Canadiens, is like being created for the NHL playoffs.

When The Montreal Canadiens progressed fabulously on Monday night to the third round of the NHL playoffs, with almost every city apartment listening to the same song in the heat of victory.

A Montreal rap artist Annakin Slaydin “Feels Like ’93” sums up the emotional state of a disc-crazy city. Now it feels the same as 1993. At that time, the team won the coveted Stanley Cup last time.

“Something magical is happening. Until two weeks ago, the championship was just a joke. Now you can say that the Cup can smell and no one will laugh at you. You can say it feels the same as 1993, and no one makes fun of you, ” Montreal Gazzetten Brendan Kelly wrote before the fourth playoff of the Canadiens and Winnipeg Jets.

Hot The Canadiens knocked the Jets straight in four matches and made their way to the conference finals. The team has now won seven playoffs to the tube.

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In the regular season, the Canadiens were only 18th in the NHL. In the weak Canadian division, the playoffs came off, even though the team lost five games in a row at the end of the regular season.

In the first round against the Toronto Maple Leafs, there should have been no chance. The big favorite already led 3-1, but the Canadiens plunged their enemy and its millions of fans into another disappointment.

During their seven-game winning streak, the Canadiens have never been at a loss. That makes a total of 437 minutes.

“Habsin” the recipe for success is simple, and it’s no wonder, after all, that a team succeeds specifically in the playoffs.

Keeper Carey Price plays the spring of his life, which is the biggest reason for the Canadiens ’triumph. In 11 matches, the starbursts have been stopped by 93.5 percent of the puck.

Carey Price has ignited a tremendous mood in the playoffs.

In front of Price, the defense area is guarded Shea Weber, Jeff Petry, Joel Edmundson and Ben Chiarot. A total of 407 pounds of meat in two pairs of packs guarantee that there is nothing free for the paint.

Petry was unhappily injured in the Jets series when his fingers got caught in a photo hole in the trough plexiglass. He was replaced by the “tiny” Brett Kulak, 188 cents.

The Canadiens attack is evenly thick, but only in a good way. Non-chain Joel ArmiaEric StaalCorey Perry is one of the best in the series.

Armian in addition, red shirts attack Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Artturi Lehkonen. All three Finns have been in top shape.

Armia and Kotkaniemi share the top spot on the Canadiens paint exchange with four goals. Lehkonen, on the other hand, beat important points against Jets at the time of the decision.

When Mark Scheifele rolled the Canadiens Jake Evansin outrageously in the opening match of the series, Lehkonen was promoted to number one. In three matches, he immediately scored 2 + 1.

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Striker Paul Byron commented on the team’s ash story Montreal Gazzettelle During the Jets series. The parables to the 1993 crew had not passed him either.

“The fact that we are compared to that team … I don’t even know what to think. It was a legendary team. We try to write our own story. ”

Canadiens will face either the Colorado Avalanche or the Vegas Golden Knights in the third round. The top teams in the Western Division are tied 2–2 in their own playoff series.

The task of the surprise team Canadiens is not going to be easy. The Avalanche and Golden Knights were number one and number two in the regular season, and they are not eligible for anything other than a championship.

The wildest supporters are already painting the encounter between the Canadiens and the Boston Bruins in the finals. The Blood Enemies would certainly host a memorable final series, but the journey there is still long and rocky.



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