Hockey Mikael Granlund is likely to switch in the NHL: “Negotiations led to nothing”

The NHL free player market kicks off on Wednesday.

Of the numerous The next address for NHL players will be clear on Wednesday as the NHL free player market opens.

One of the Finnish players in the migration trees seems to be the last striker to represent Nashville Predators Mikael Granlund.

Predators editor of The Athletic Adam Vingan said on Twitter that he talked about the situation in Granlund with this agent Todd Diamondin with. Granlund seems to end up on Wednesday as an unrestricted free agent.

“The negotiations didn’t lead to anything,” Vingan said Diamond noted about the negotiations with Predators.

Granlund, 29, scored 13 + 14 in 51 regular season games last season, and in six playoff matches, his points balance was 2 + 3.

Canadian According to the TSN sports channel Carolina Hurricanes plans to sign a one-year, one-million-dollar contract as a defense advocate Tony DeAngelon with.

DeAngelo, 25, scored 53 power points in 68 matches in the second season at the New York Rangers. Already in the junior years, DeAngelo, who has often been in trouble for insulting teammates and referees from outside the field, is long gone.

Rangers’ patience finally betrayed in February when DeAngelon was told he had to fight the goalkeeper in practice Alexander Georgiyevin and the attacker Chris Kreiderin with.

The Rangers placed the defender on a transfer list from which no team picked him up. Eventually, the club bought out DeAngelo’s contract last week.

HS will be following NHL free player market events on Wednesday.



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