Hockey Mestis coach strongly criticizes spectator restrictions: “It’s pretty ridiculous to be able to go with a tongue in your throat to pull yeast”

Joni Petrell believes the layoffs could drastically affect the balance of power in the latter part of the season if the series is even allowed to continue.

If the hockey league season has been a spectacle of suffering due to limited crowds, closed-door matches and a momentary suspension, going second level with Mestis even worse.

The series has not been played since the end of November, and on Tuesday the suspension was extended until the end of January. Not sure when to get to play.

“I think we’ll get to play in February. After all, it’s pretty ridiculous to be able to go with a tongue in your throat to pull yeast, sing karaoke and cuddle, but can’t go with safety gaps and a mask from a hockey match. Decision-makers should think about what is good for public health, ”Joensuu Kiekko-Boik’s head coach Joni Petrell piles up for BTI.

There have been matches for empty stands in the league, but playing Mestis for empty stands is financially unprofitable. Sponsor revenues are a fraction of those of league teams and Mestis does not have a television contract to guarantee revenue streams.

“Clubs employ a lot of people. I am worried about the future. How this affects the hiring of players and coaches. How many jobs are leaving? Big decision makers, now let the devil play us. Then everyone would be able to do business, ”Petrell says.

With several Mestis localities have had to resort to layoffs, including in Joensuu. During the layoff period, players have applied for other jobs.

The head coach set an example as early as December.

“I was working for two and a half weeks at the store.”

During layoffs, the club will not be able to host a program for its players. However, the athlete cannot lie on the couch during his layoff period but should be prepared to return to the trough in good condition this season or next season at the latest.

“We’ve been training all season long in the mornings and evenings. The operation has been professional. Now we have to rethink things. In December, we left out the guided morning workouts and trained in the evenings because the gang was at work during the day, ”Petrell opens.

In Joensuu has gotten to the ice rink to practice, but during the layoffs there have been no normal team drills. Players have practiced on their own.

“I have spoken with the players, what you should do.”

JoKP is seventh in a series of 14 teams. At the top is Iisalmi Game Bears. You can’t drop out of the series this season on athletic grounds.

Petrell highlights the competitive advantage that some clubs will gain as the season continues. Some clubs have not laid off their employees but have been able to continue their training routine normally.

“There’s a big difference if there are 30 ice workouts and physics workouts on in January and the other team hasn’t trained together,” Petrell looks at the rest of the season, during which the power ratios in the series can change drastically.


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