Hockey Marko Anttila fatherly handed over the US fighter – an amusing situation was recorded on the camera: “They like to play with their mouths”

Marko Anttila showed the US player the place of the locker.


Lions 36-year-old Vice Captain Marko Anttila are the last players to start with leather or twist on the World Cup.

This was noticed by a U.S. striker in a hot match tonight Sam Laffertywho got into the stubborn handling of “Mörö”.

The twist began when Anttila’s chain friend Saku Mäenalanen slammed a dangerous-looking warrant.

After that, it started to happen. The longest player in the World Championship, Anttila (203 cm / 104 kg), took a tight lock on a 27-year-old Yankee striker representing the Chicago Blackhawks, and Lafferty had no answer.

TV images it seemed that the melee mainly laughed at Anttila.

“The Yankees like to play their mouths a bit everywhere. It was a nice chat at that point, ”Anttila described amusedly after Tuesday’s ice practice.

“(Mäenalasen) The tackle was a bit like that, I knew someone might be trying to get on Saku from there. Then I took at least one player away. There’s nothing more wonderful about it. ”

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The match between the lions and the US saw several fiery clashes after the whistles.

“It came as no surprise. Everyone has quite a bit of power, and these are great games. It creates that feeling. They also saw that they want to win as much as we do, ”Anttila saw.

“I don’t think it went badly in any way in yesterday’s game. There were a few questionable Taklaus, but otherwise there was a fair twist. ”

Lions the tournament continues on Wednesday night against the beloved arch-enemy Sweden.

“Opposite is an active team that plays pretty closely. We have to be ready to skate to meet the Swedish movement. Special situations are highlighted. A few useless coolers were taken yesterday. Let’s try to weed them out, ”Anttila emphasized.

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