Hockey Magazine: Patrik Laine was benchmarked for unsportsmanlike conduct – insulted the coach

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Patrik Lainen was not benchmarked due to poor performance.

Columbus Blue Jackets new striker star Patrik Laine Monday’s bench assignment wasn’t due to gambling reasons, he says The Columbus Dispatch Magazine citing their sources.

According to the magazine, Laine was put on a bench against Carolina Hurricanes for verbally insulting a member of the coaching team. Several sources confirmed the information.

He was the first in Finland to talk about it MTV News.

Head coach John Tortorellan in addition, the Blue Jackets bench currently has two assistant coaches during matches. After the match, Tortorella refused to comment on Laine’s benching in more detail.

“It wasn’t a single situation, it involved many things. The reason for that remains inside the locker room, ”Tortorella said.

Laine was sidelined from the Hurricanes match at the end of the second set and the entire third set. It was only his fourth match in the Blue Jackets.

“It seemed necessary to me. Benching is the last thing I want to do. You think this is a big deal. It’s about understanding how we do things here as a team, ”Tortorella continued.

“‘ Patty ’and I are talking about it. I think it’s important that players and coaches discuss situations. I have to get this team to play as a team. ”


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