Hockey Losses lead to a kind of vicious race, the championship of which goes to Canada time and time again.

The NHL club Toronto Maple Leafs is so accustomed to extinction that the reasons for the defeat are even sought in curses.

In spring and in early summer, many different winning and losing pipes are slammed.

France has not won the Eurovision Song Contest in 44 years. The England men’s national football team has not won a value tournament in 55 years. The Center Party has lost ground in municipal elections, presidential elections, parliamentary elections and European elections.

And so on.

In sports, losing can sometimes continue for so long that supporters ’emotions wander through disappointment, frustration, and paralysis toward a state of mind where the whole thing is beaten into play. And when the loss continues after that, we are at a stage where the pain begins to fold in a strange way towards pleasure. Losses result in a crooked celebration, insiders’ own soap opera.

At this loss championship level, the Toronto Maple Leafs play hockey.

Canada is the most important hockey country in the world and Toronto the most important hockey city. Maple Leafs is one of the richest and most watched hockey teams in the world.

There’s only one problem: Maple Leafs don’t play winning hockey.

This season, everything had to be in order. The well-known team had been built with solution games in mind. Alongside the young stars, there was experience. The end result: one of the most humiliating losses of all time in the first round of the playoffs.

Toronto has not won the championship in 54 years. The dry season is the longest in NHL history. In 17 years, it hasn’t won even a single playoff series.

The city has moved to a level where the causes of defeat are even sought through curses.

The previous one once Toronto won the Stanley Cup in 1967. After the championship, the team’s regular defender Larry Hillman wanted a pay rise. He asked for $ 20,000 a season, but Toronto offered $ 500 less.

Hillman went on a raven strike that lasted 24 days. $ 100 was deducted from his salary for each day. When Hillman switched clubs, he announced that Toronto would not win the championship until his lost $ 2,400 was reinstated. The threat is known as Hillman Hex, Hillman’s curse.

Kului years and Larry Hillman ended his playing career. Decades passed, new champions became, but Toronto just lost. During Hillman Hex, it has never even made it to the finals.

In 2014, the team began a reconstruction project. The club was led by a former big player Brendan Shanahan. Young promises were recruited from which stars were raised.

In the spring of 2017, the city celebrated the 50th anniversary of the latest championship of maple leaf shirts. Larry Hillman announced that his curse would end in a year. The club also met. Brendan Shanahan asked the Leafs government to pay $ 2,400 mentioned to Hillman. It was agreed – with interest.

According to Hillman, it would have been cheaper to pay the money early on and not waste tens of millions a year on the salaries of today’s players. After all, they couldn’t win because of the curse.

Toronto The 53-year hike without a championship is one of the poorest accomplishments in North American professional sports. And the losing streak just keeps going. Although Hillman Hex is over, there are other curses known.

But there is time in the world. Rauma Lukko won the Finnish Championships in hockey after a 58-year break. Baseball club Chicago Cubs won the championship after 108 years of trying – and got rid of the so-called About the curse of Billy the goat.

Miracles happen. The Finnish men’s national football team plays in the European Football Championship. After 110 years of business.



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