Hockey Lithuania announced its willingness to organize the World Hockey Championship together with Latvia

The countries hosting the World Hockey Championships have yet to be decided.

Latvia may get a partner to host the World Hockey Championships next spring. President of the International Hockey Federation René Fasel was in contact with the Lithuanian Prime Minister on Thursday Ingrida Šimonytėen, who spoke about Lithuania ‘s willingness to organize the race.

The Lithuanian state states this in its press release.

The pattern of organizing the World Cup changed when the IIHF shelved Belarus as the second host country. Belarus had to organize the Games together with Latvia.

Last Monday, IIHF Vice President Kalervo Kummola said the Games will be held in either Latvia, Slovakia or Denmark. Lithuania is now available as a Latvian partner. It is difficult for Latvia to hold the Games alone, as there is only one hall that meets the criteria.

“Lithuania is able to organize top-level competitions. In addition, logistically, organizing the Games together between neighboring countries would be convenient in the event of a pandemic situation, ”Šimonytė states in the press release.

“In addition, Lithuania has the required infrastructure. We have offered the Latvian government the opportunity to hold the Games in Vilnius and Kaunas. ”

The World Hockey Championships will be played from May 21st. The final is on June 6th.


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