Hockey Lions head coach Jukka Jalonen told the star moment of his puck, and the answer surprised

Jukka Jalonen breaks records when he gets a chance to draw a Lion in a World Championship tournament in Finland next year.

Jalos will be the only coach to serve as head coach in three home tournaments.

“For players and coaches, the fulfillment of wishes to be able to play value competitions in Finland and hometowns will probably be fulfilled,” Jukka Jalonen said at the 2022 World Cup media event.

Another bonus for Jalonen’s merit is to host the 20-year-old World Championships in Helsinki in 2016.

Tampere resident Kalevi Numminen coached Leijoni in the Helsinki World Championships in 1974 and again in the home competitions in 1982. All the other head coaches have only been able to pull one home competition.

Canadian Joe Wirkkunen coached Leijonia in Tampere in Finland’s first World Hockey Tournament in 1965. After Numminen came Pentti Matikainen turn to 1991 and the Swedish Curt Lindström the era of national team leadership ended with the 1997 home race.

Hannu Aravirran his successful career as head coach of the national team ended in a home game in 2003 with a bitter defeat for Sweden in the quarterfinals. The trip to Aravirta’s six World Championships ended up with only one home tournament.

After Aravirta, Jalonen has taken over the domestic value tournaments. In 2012, Finland acted as the main organizer in the World Championship tournament, and the following year, the second starting block was played in Finland. The medals were decided at the Globen in Stockholm.

“It’s always great,” Jalonen said of coaching at the World Cup, “but yes, the home crowd still brings the extra spice and point to it. The auditorium at its best is like the sixth field player and it will definitely benefit the home team. ”

Jalosen the first washed head coach began at the Swiss World Cup in 2009, when before that he served Doug Sheddenin second in the Canadian Games in 2008.

The five coaching seasons that lasted the World Cup ended in Stockholm in 2013, when Finland had survived the matches played at Hartwall-Arena.

Jalonen saw one big difference in value tournaments played at home and abroad. In Finland, there is a lot more noise and general interest around the team.

“There are family members, friends and godparent villages. How to work with them to keep the focus on training, playing and resting. ”

Jalonen recalls that the entrance ticket rumba around players accelerates when played at home. Abroad, things that break down focus around the team will be much smaller.

“We need to talk to the players about how to handle it wisely. You will not be isolated in any way, but you would not become an overture. ”

Home tournament The theme for 2022 is Making Miracles.

Jalonen was given responsibility for what he sees as the biggest miracle of his own hockey career or following.

“There are a lot of small miracles, but if we talk about a really big miracle, it was in the -80s when the Yankee university team won Olympic gold and squatted quite a dominant dominance in the Soviet Union.”

“I still remember where I watched that match.”

Jalonen was in high school in 1980, when the biggest miracle in Puck World happened, the United States won Olympic gold at Lake Placid. “We were at the parties with the little party and partying and watching the match there.”

The answer is surprising, as the Lions have nevertheless won two World Championship golds (2011 and 2019) under Jalonen and still on top of the youth world championship trade. However, Jalonen did not want to compare national team successes with each other.

National team director or GM Jere Lehtinen also highlighted the most memorable star moment of his own career.

Lehtinen was a nine-year-old little Espoo hockey player when the 1982 World Championships were played in Helsinki.

“Part of the team, or the whole team, I don’t remember exactly, got on the ice and went on the ice with the Soviet players in the old hall of Helsinki from where Zamboni comes out,” Lehtinen recalled the unique moment that seemed to overshadow winning the Stanley Cup in Dallas in 1999.


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