Hockey Lions change now – Marko Anttila couldn’t cover his smile when he revealed his plan

Marko Anttila plans to head to his cottage for a sauna and a swim today. The lions will play against the Czech Republic for the first time on Tuesday.


Finland the men’s hockey national team retreated for two days off to celebrate with a smile in their mouth games on Saturday. There was a reason. Finland overthrew the Austrian arena on Saturday in 3–0 (1–0, 2–0, 0–0) in Austria.

When the USA defeated Tampere in the day game after Sweden overtime 3–2, Finland is in the top of the A-block and on Tuesday the victory over the Czech Republic in the actual playing time would mean a block win. The lions ’starting block balance flatters: five wins, one loss to the winning goal competition for Sweden.

“We played well especially in the first two sets. Manly performance again. Jussi [Olkinuora] was brilliant with his finish again, ”Lions Marko Anttila bodies.

On Sunday The lions rest in truth and keep the radio silent. The experienced Anttila planned to head to his cottage. And oh brothers how wide a smile I left in Lempäälä did not flicker when I talked about cottage plans.

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“At least I’m going to go to the sauna and swim in the lake,” Anttila chuckled.

“In such a close-knit tournament, it’s important to be able to blow a little out one day.”

After winning Austria on Saturday, Finland had dinner together.

“The place has been kept a secret from us. Let’s see what that brings [joukkueenjohtaja Mika] Kortelainen has invented. We trust him in choices like a mountain. ”

Mikael Granlund thanked Jussi Olkinuora for the zero game.

Olkinuora was able to stretch to his best defenses when Finland played underpower.

Miro Heiskanen gave the puck a ride before Manuel Ganahl intervened.

Lions squatted their weaker opponents in Friday’s UK and Saturday’s Austria games. Finland’s offensive play was joyful and productive, and the creation of additional goals would not have been wrong either.

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Finland has been successful in the last Olympic and World Cup tournaments with its intense defensive game, and Tampere has not been criticized in that either. The five goals conceded in Finland are the lowest in the World Cup – less than one goal per game (six matches). In the World Championships home game, there have also been additional nuances in the direction of the offensive game.

“We always have to come up with something new, though, because our opponents know how to play. We’re trying to come up with jippos and we have world class players in there. It’s great to watch [Miro] Heiskasta, [Mikael] Granlundia and others. They are so skilled, ”Anttila admired.

Anttila still doesn’t see much change in the Lions’ game.

“And even if there is a bigger change, we keep it a secret,” Anttila grinned.

“We have to be active, that’s always been our goal, but as the games get tougher, let’s see how we can be active and bitter. From there, however, you get the best paint spots in modern hockey from exploitation. We will go according to the situation. ”

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Anttilan, 36, still scores zero in the World Cup, but this could not be of less interest to the defensive Ilves striker in his defensive role and underpower. Five goals scored and zero goals saved by underpower mean much more to Anttila.

“Our defensive game is a collaboration of five men, where we can trust everyone to take care of their own business. Close cooperation is our strength. We have been good with chain friends in underweight, but with five out of five we have to get to the top places better. You have to come up with tips for that, ”you know Hannes Björnisen and Saku Mäenalasen with a ragged anthill.

The Finnish team leader Mika Kortelainen (left) was the dinner manager of his team. Picture of previous Lions exercises.

Valtteri Filppula scored Finland’s winning goal.

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