Hockey Lauri Marjamäki’s return to the rudder of the flies set Juhamatti Aaltonen on fire: “Today everything seemed a bit successful”

Aaltonen hit three times when Flies knocked down Aces.

Flies – Aces 4–1

Flies striker Juhamatti Aaltonen the season has not been dancing with roses in the men’s hockey league, but in the 4–1 victory on Monday, the old spirit of Ässis seemed to have returned to the Oaks Raksila ice rink after the change of coach Lauri from Mikkola Lauri Marjamäki.

Aaltonen hit Kärppi’s first two goals and finished his helmet trick to an empty goal.

“For myself, the games have been rolling for a long time. We need victories and we, who are in a big role, need to step up now. ”

Aaltonen played in the No. 1 Olympic champion Saku Mäenalasen and fresh sourcing Julius Junttilan with. According to Aaltonen, the change of head coach brought clarity to Kärppie’s game.

“Now there are clear things to do and we just need to be able to do it. This is a great time for ‘Latella’ to put the game in order, but our players need to be really open to accepting new things. ”

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Aaltonen scored his last goal through the edge.

“I didn’t try the goal but I just tried to push the puck out of the area. Today, everything seemed a bit successful. ”

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