Hockey Koronakaos spreads in the World Hockey Youth Tournament, Finland wins the award from the Czech Republic: “It can’t take too many canceled games anymore”

The U.S. match was canceled just a day earlier.

Hockey the chaos of the World Cup youth is growing.

Young Lions won a handover match in the Czech Republic after one coronavirus infection was detected in the Czech team, said the leader of the 20-year-old Finnish national team Kimmo Oikarinen To HS.

Finland will be recorded as the 1-0 winner in the statistics in the Edmonton tournament.

One meeting of a Czech player was reported at the team leaders’ meeting, which led to the cancellation of the match.

“Yes, there is little activity here at the moment,” Oikarinen said sarcastically.

In the World Cup tournament has so far had to cancel a U.S.-Swiss match when the U.S. team was quarantined.

The U.S. team had two infections, but the roommates of the infected players were also covered by the corona protocol.

The cancellation of the match was not only disappointing, but also throws a big question over the whole tournament.

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“We would have liked to play. The team was genuinely and well-tuned and it was full of enthusiasm to play. ”

“Now take two hours of oxygen and go practice.”

The continuation of the World Cup tournament requires that eight teams stay in the race and get full semi-final pairs.

Edmonton At Rogers Place, players and teams live in a hotel attached to the ice rink. A corona bubble has been built around it, testing players and other team members on a daily basis.

“Yes, we all know in common sense that we are not in a bubble. Today we started talking about a special state, because we haven’t had any certainty from the beginning as to who people are really being tested and who is not. ”

Oikarinen means people moving in the Arena and the hotel who are not part of the teams. It is assumed that the virus has crawled inside the hockey bubble along this route.

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Is there tournament in jeopardy after these handovers?

“Everyone knows how to add one plus to the fact that this can’t take too many canceled games anymore.”

“Quite a lot of racing events I’ve run around in my career, but these are the first ones I don’t sleep at all when I have to constantly wonder who’s playing next and what’s going to happen next.”

Oikarinen emphasized that the most important thing for him would be to keep his own group healthy.

“So no one would have to stay here.”

Finland within the team, corona security is talked about on a daily basis. All team members wear face masks and only when eating and ice training are without masks.

“We have bought extra hand hygiene items. A mask is also used in the side exercises. ”

If you sweat a lot during the side exercise, you can take off your mask.

“Really, the boys have implemented these rules. I have to raise my hat to see how obedient they are. ”

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The corona infection is not just a nuisance for Edmonton, but the U.S. team is playing at Red Deer, 155 miles south of Edmonton.

The isolation used in the tournament so far lasts 24, but U.S. players will be isolated for two days at their own discretion.

Is there toughest races, where have you been yourself?

“Yes, by far,” Oikarinen replied.

Finland should play the last match of the first round against Canada on New Year’s Eve.

Of the United States

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