Hockey Kiekko-Espoo rose to the top of the Women’s League in the Battle of the Titans: “There are so few of these top games”

Judges were charged with defeat in KalPa’s exchange box.

Puck-Espoo knocked KalPa out of the women’s hockey league series with a handsome 3–2 victory.

The two best teams in the series were facing each other and the tempo was in line with that. Game interruptions were low as two high-speed teams praised the bowl back and forth.

“These games are always expected,” the coach of Kiekko-Espoo Sami Haapanen said.

The man’s voice was gone. The exchange box had clearly been lived with emotion.

“Attitude comes pretty by itself when you know there are so few of these top games.”

Puck-Espoo came to the match with tremendous energy and twisted in front of the goal than the last day. Nea Katajamäki and Tinja-Mariia Haukijärvi the hits were made right by the KalPa mill Tiina Ranteen in front of the nose.

The home team scored the third goal in the final round Emmi Leinonen. After that, it was time to visit Kiekko-Espoo. The people of Kuopio suddenly scrambled to the end of the goal.

“Would the thought of that for a moment have escaped the fact that the game is over. At least I wouldn’t want to believe that, ”Haapanen repeated a classic mistake.

However, no smoothing was seen. The physical nature of the match accelerated further towards the end and in addition to the two tackles, there would have been more to do.

“There was probably reason to whistle on both sides and more. Although the guy in the neighboring fence was of the opinion that the judges decided the game, the teams did decide today, ”Haapanen said.

The KalPa fence was tormented by starting offenses, which the jury looked through their fingers. In addition, the guests were taken at the end of the Passage with a questionable except whistle.

Women By far the leader of the league points market Elisa Holopainen toured Kiekko-Espoo players like sledding sticks. In the third set, the twists finally brought the prize as the attacker picked up a 3-1 goal from the knuckle.

Holopainen have scored an incomprehensible 47 points in his 15 matches this season.

Played with discusko-Espoo goal Tiia Pajarinen was lying on the ice in the most special positions as KalPa chased the leveling. The management remained like a miracle trade.

“The puck was blocked very well, even though I was a little shocked there myself,” Pajarinen laughed.

’(Emilia) Vesalla there were really important blocks at that end. You don’t always have to see the puck yourself. ”

Tightening due to corona restrictions, the match was the last in front of the home crowd in Kiekko-Espoo. After the initial series, it is possible for the audience to return to the auditorium again.

Both teams will jump back into the trough right on Sunday. Kiekko-Espoo travels to Tampere as a guest of Ilves and KalPa measures the condition of HIFK in Helsinki.


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