Hockey KalPa’s star strikers froze in HIFK’s mill: “Decent spanking”

HIFK scored four goals in six minutes. KalPa left home for the weekend with two losses on his neck.

HIFK – KalPa 8–4

HIFK’s the women made their pre-favorite KalPa for the second consecutive loss in the hockey league. The 8-4 victory consolidated the team’s setups in third place in the first set.

KalPa lost to Kiekko-Espoo already on Saturday. The serial lead drowned in a crushing way on a trip south.

“It didn’t quite go down the tube. The goal was six points, ”said the coach of the people of Kuopio Marjo Voutilainen stated.

Against HIFK, the lead of a couple of goals melted in the blink of an eye.

“From the lead to a decent spanking. Unbeatably bad defense from all five of us, ”Voutilainen summed up.

Star Strikers Elisa Holopainen and Matilda Nilsson scored three goals for KalPa, but HIFK’s sacrificial pentathlon still took the duo to victory.

“The opponent has good individuals, but we knew we as a team are better than their individuals,” HIFK coach Saara Niemi stated pompously.

With KalPa leading, 3–1 red shirts just woke up to tonight’s match. They pushed one inch four goals together for six minutes.

“Everyone knew this wasn’t going to stay here,” Niemi repeated.

Coaching didn’t have much to say when the team decided to turn the match over for themselves.

“It was great to see that the coaching didn’t have to burst into it.”

HIFK’s familiar names that act as dots. Michaela Pejzlova hit the board with powers 2 + 4 and a chain mate Clara Rozier he also scored two goals.

42-year-old captain Karoliina Rantamäki celebrated victory like the rest of the team wildly. He arrived for an interview at the hall kiosk with the skates still on his feet. The scalp of KalPasta was the sweetest of the season.

“Yes, the team always wins,” Rantamäki repeated the recipe presented by Niemi.

“Today, the team was pretty much stronger. Individuals were left behind a bit. ”

The mood on the teams ’benches was quite different, especially in the third set. Some of KalPa’s women sat and growled, while HIFK’s players didn’t sit down for a moment.

“It probably didn’t sit there. Not terribly during the whole game, but not in the third installment, at least, ”Rantamäki recalled.

In the top match a lot of hot feelings were seen as expected. The judge’s work came to a standstill on KalPa’s bench already on Saturday, and the same song continued against HIFK.

“Judges do their job the way they know how. I will not comment on anything else, ”Marjo Voutilainen said.

Saara Niemi could not see the stripes in the match.

“Sometimes you live with perhaps a little too much emotion and look at those situations out of those own glasses,” he acknowledged.

For HIFK, there are only three matches left in the opening series. Next weekend, the team will travel north to challenge the Flies and RoK.


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