Hockey Kalervo Kummola told the Sports Screen about the fate of the World Cup in Belarus: “Certainly other options will be considered here”

According to Kummola, the International Hockey Federation is leaning towards the position that Belarus cannot host competitions.

International Vice President of the Hockey Association IIHF Kalervo Kummola said on Tuesday night at Yle’s Sports Box his views on the fate of the Spring World Cup.

According to Kummola, the IIHF is leaning towards the position that Belarus cannot host the competitions granted to it together with Latvia.

“Yes, it seems to turn in that direction, which I have represented all the time, that surely comes here to look at other options,” Kummola said.

“It’s not officially that far yet, so it’s time to go through those other options. Perhaps the easiest way would be to play the whole competition in Latvia, for example. ”

Kummola sees other uncertainties around the World Cup when “the corona situation is what it is”.

“No one knows what it will be like in the spring,” he continued.

Chairman of the IIHF René Fasel visited on Monday in Belarus an authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko by.

Fasel enjoyed themselves Belarus is also suspected of involvement in the beating of the chairman of the country’s hockey association, an opposition activist Dmitry Baskovin with.

The World Hockey Championships are scheduled to start on May 21st.


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