Hockey JYP goalkeeper snatched teeth from Jukuri player’s mouth: current rules don’t cool

JYP once again went from victory to victory.

JYP continued his hockey league winning streak for five matches by pulling Kirin ‘s soaring three goals again at Mikkeli’ s Kalevankangas. Jukurit lost 2–3 to the visitors in the final round in less than five minutes.

JYP’s Kirin started the season with a sixth goal from Swedish striker Adam Brodecki. Samuel Valkeejärven and Patrik Siikasen the hits produced a first full league match for the Jukuri goalkeeper who played Waltteri Ignatjewille, 21, defeat.

“JYP currently has a strong belief in winning their games. After all, they didn’t have many places in the third round, ”the Mikkeli head coach was amazed. Olli Jokinen.

In his previous match, JYP hosted KalPa for extra time with three goals in the last minute and a half of the actual playing time.

“Our strong underpowering game created faith,” praised the JYP pilot Jukka Ahvenjärvi.

The hottest the situation was seen towards the end of the final round when the JYP guard Markus Ruusu scampered behind the goalkeeper’s goal and swung his club with his bat From Jani Tuppurainen from the mouth to several teeth.

“According to the new high racket rule, when a player is in complete possession of the puck, the racket’s escort must not cool down, even if the racket hits the opponent’s head,” said the Savonlinna chief referee. Jarno Heikkinen.


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