Hockey Joker’s nightmarish return: “The spiral must be broken”

The second Jokerit scalp of the season for Tuohimaa, HIFK’s last season’s fighter.

Jokers returning home in the KHL hockey league became a nightmare. Three away losses were followed by a shocking 3-6 surprise loss to little Neftemik Nizhnekamski.

Ex-Jokerit Frans Tuohimaa became the biggest hero of the away team with his fights, who also managed to serve HIFK, SaiPaa and HPK in the League.

“Bad game. This is a skating and fighting game, it wasn’t quite for those countries today either, ”Joker’s head coach Lauri Marjamäki admitted.

Fight got a completely wrong flow from the hosts ’tip when the initial press remained infertile and the opponent immediately managed to finish from the first situation.

The Jokers were painted as an absolute pre-favorite of the mock, although at the beginning of the season, Neftehimik even then, with the help of Tuohimaa, reached a 4–2 victory from the Jokers in Nizhnekamsk.

Just before Tuesday’s confrontation, the Russian cream had time to plow a loss of five games into the tube with a goal difference of 3-19.

“Then we get moments and try, so the puck is online every time an opponent visits our head. That spiral must be broken, ”Jokerien Marjamäki said.

The Jokers ’fourth consecutive loss was due to a number of factors. The goal was lame badly, there were plenty of places. Tuohimaa, who fought 27 times, received good support from the field players and the poles stopped a few attempts, but a big reason was also found in the discreet Joker players.

One the climax of the game was experienced in a 0-2 situation at 14.34. The Jokers ran from the sum of the eight players around Tuohimaa to the goal of the puck, but in the end, after a coach’s challenge and lengthy weighing, the situation was not accepted as a hit.

The solution brought a boost to the guests, while the hosts sought to break the copper disharmoniously without a fairly tight quintet.

“Needless to darken it any more. A miserable game, a loss, will be analyzed on Wednesday and a new opportunity on Thursday, ”Marjamäki described.

In the final round, the guests were struck down by a score of 1 to 5, which was caught by the home team.

The best thing about the Jokers on Tuesday night was that the calendar shows the possibility of a quick change of course, as the next home games are already coming on Thursday and Friday.


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