Hockey Joker Joensuu of Joker experienced coronary heart disease, the joy of life comes from games and the future: “I don’t start to worry”

KHL hockey revolves briskly in the shadow of a pandemic.

Coronavirus has tested the Finnish KHL hockey league Finnish team Jokers.

There have been a lot of quarantines and coronary diseases in KHL, but repeatedly the Joker’s goal always turns to the next match.

“I have had a Corona. It’s not scary when there’s such strong evidence that for young primary health it is usually a mild or seasonal flu-like illness, ”Joker Striker Jesse Joensuu shot.

The Jokers heard about the latest restrictions on Friday after rehearsals.

“I don’t worry. I just hope to be able to play at home, without the audience or with the audience, ”says Joensuu.

Interview after it was confirmed that on Saturday’s home game against Sochi, the public would still have access to the gallery under the old interest rules. Restrictions will begin on Monday so that Tuesday’s Dinamo Moscow match will be played without spectators.

“I thought, now this would start to clear up. Obviously this is not the case, ”Joensuu continues.

He recalls that for the first time, the club tested him for a coronavirus in August. Since then, dozens of amendments have accumulated.

“In the Jokers, this has been handled well. Even if not quarantined, there is a bubble. There is very little movement in people’s air. That’s why it’s not scary. ”

Joensuu known for its outspokenness. He doesn’t go around the topic of the corona either. Acknowledging the facts is also wisdom in the trough.

“Really hard, very hard. Even in games. It has been a special season. ”

Joensuu asks why one should beautify how tough guys or professionals have been. The game is the greatest pleasure, and they have been. You have to know how to be happy about it.

“Mentally, it’s very challenging if you think about top sports and top performance. One hundred percent performance must be obtained, ”Joensuu weighed.

Field are not of the same tree. There is enough variety in the team booth.

“It is really difficult for me, and probably for many others, who are emotional and not always cold-headed.”

Players live strongly in game rhythm, results, performances and return to the next challenge again.

“When it’s broken all the time, it’s hard.”

Joensuu estimates that things are getting better. Optimism from there.

“Even great difficulty may not be a bad thing at this point. That they would not come in February – March, that they would go through now, ”Joensuu hopes.

“I think if you think about top sports and hockey, then now you probably go pretty deep and live really hard times.”

He says from the news estimates that he understood that the majority of Finns would have been vaccinated next autumn.

“Now that we go deep, there is only one way up here – for full auditoriums in the future and then it will be appreciated even more,” Joensuu points out.


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