Hockey Jesse Puljujärvi starts the season in a real supermarket

Puljujärvi enters the number one chain, where the team’s number one stars also play.

Hockey The NHL League kicked off on Tuesday night and now on Wednesday night (early Thursday Finnish time) the Edmonton Oilers will open their season. The Oilers face the Vancouver Canucks in their home trough.

Sports journalist writing about Oilers Reid Wilkins was watching Oilers’ morning practice and based on that the team’s number one make up Leon Draisaitl, Conor McDavid and Jesse Puljujärvi.

NHL Trade Talk site writes that some Edmonton supporters may scratch their heads from chain compositions. The main questions raised by the seven-year contract from Toronto to Maple Leafs to Oilers Zach Hymanin situation: he was expected to play with McDavid in the No. 1 chain.

“He’s not opening through it with either McDavid or Draisaitl,” NHL Trade Talk writes about second-placed Hyman.

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