Hockey Jere Innala struck the power of power when HIFK pushed champion Lukko

The scorer for Reid Gardiner was injured when the game became more physical, and he had to leave the field. A place among six was secured.

Helsinki IFK’s Regular Series ended in a massive victory over Rauma Luko.

After two rounds, IFK led by as much as 5-1, and when the third round was rolled without hits, the scores were 5-1 on the scoreboard.

IFK’s victory victory means that the team ranks 4th-5th in the regular season. Fourth place is possible if TPS loses in the final round away to SaiPalle. IFK will no longer play on Tuesday.

Only it is certain that the match will be IFK-TPS, but which one starts at home will be decided on Tuesday.

Lock after a good start Yohann Auvitu leveled the match with an accurate shot of superiority. Jere Innalan and Iiro Pakarisen a counterattack was held at 13.29.

Innala collected the power of 1 + 3 in the big numbers of HIFK. Keeper Niilo Halonen just let go Pavol Skalickyn shot, but then blocked everything all the way through.

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Innala last nailed four points against Ilves early in the season.

“Ascending,” Innala described throughout. “I’ve tried to keep the workload big. It’s not always gone, but the game is getting better. ”

The second batch began to dust. The home team hit almost in turn Sebastian DykInnala and Roni Hirvonen. Everything was hard and accurate shots and Dyk pressed the puck all the way to the ceiling of the goal.

Innala said he was ready to face TPS in the quarterfinals.

“A tough opponent, defends well and vaccinates hard from places. I think the Lock game got us open. ”

At the finish line there was also bad news for HIFK.

HIFK’s top scorer Reid Gardiner had to be rewound twice by Luko players. First drove Samuli Piipponen towards Gardineria in the central region. Two minutes came from blocking.

Two minutes before the end of the batch, Skalicky worked senselessly on Gardiner’s head in front of the office table. Two minutes were no longer enough, and Skalicky flew out, accompanied by five minutes. And Gardiner left for the locker room to patch up and have a concussion test.

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Gardiner did not return to the second round or the entire match. If the injury is long-lasting, it’s a hard hit for IFK. Gardiner came midway through the season from JYP to Stad and continued to score for the previous model.

“He’s undergoing a medical examination and a clear one has come. I was so awake on the bench that it was Hitla’s head, ”said Ville Peltonen, HIFK’s head coach, adding that the situation is under review and will be subject to further disciplinary proceedings.

HIFK: n the lineup starts to fill up when the scorer Olli Palola played in the trough against Lock.

Palola last played in the hockey league on February 7 against the Turku Ball Club. The six-week break ends appropriately before the playoffs begin.

Winger Palola have scored 12 goals this season but has also had a lot of sides. He has only played 36 matches.

Although The IFK configuration was filled at the right time, but it is still not optimal. Winger and well-known goal scorer Teemu Turunen did not play against Lock. Likewise Juha Jääskä was missing from the assembly.

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If he was fit, Turunen would certainly fit into the playing group, but with the new players acquired by IFK, the internal competition intensified decisively. This means that even when intact and in good condition, you may not be able to play.

Turunen came from the Jokers in the middle of the season and played for the World Championship of Lions in the Latvian Games. Turunen is one of the star strikers in the league.

Workers’ attackers Miro Väänänen and Micke-Max Åsten did not get against the Lock, but according to current practice, it is difficult to know who is injured, ill, or otherwise just on the sidelines. However, both have played almost permanently during the season.

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