Hockey Incomprehensible season: Tarmo Reunanen started his season in Mestis, last night he opened his NHL points account with a great pass at Madison Square Garden

Reunanen has also played in the League and AHL this season.

Hockey defender Tarmo Reunasella has been, to put it mildly, an eventful season, the culmination of which was seen on Monday in one of the world’s most legendary arenas in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Reunanen, 23, started his season at Mestis Tuto, where 2 + 7 were created in seven matches. The trip continued to Hämeenlinna, and in HPK Reunanen also played seven matches, now with a power of 1 + 1.

Next up was a slightly longer trip when the direction became the United States and the farm series AHL’s Hartford Wolfpack.

In Hartford, Reunanen has already played eight matches, and the power was nicely 2 + 3.

Goodbye the prize as a reward was a promotion to the NHL club’s New York Rangers lineup for Monday’s home game against Philadelphia Flyers. And the points account opened immediately.

Reunanen crossed the ball into the box from the crossbar. Artemi Panarinin, which triggered a 1-2 reduction in the second installment.

Rangers lost 4–5 in the extra time of the match, but for Reunasen the game was definitely memorable. He played a total of 14 substitutions and scored 8.57.

He was scored one shot and a plus + +.

Hockey According to statistical expert Miika Arponen, Reunanen is the first player to play in the Mest, League and NHL in the same season.

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