Hockey In the Swedish puck league, salary cuts are expanding, the situation is familiar to Luleå’s Juhani Tyrväinen

In Luleå, the surgeries are still small compared to many other clubs.

In Finland The Hockey League is played in front of an audience, albeit a small one. In Sweden, the situation is completely different. The country’s main set of SHL puck is practically empty for spectators.

Due to Swedish corona restrictions, only 50 spectators may be admitted to matches, leaving the halls empty.

Playing in empty clubs is starting to feel like in Swedish clubs. A Finnish striker in Luleå Juhani Tyrväinen the salaries of the team’s players have been reduced by 4-7 percent since the summer.

Aftonbladet wrote on Sunday that several clubs have begun cutting players ’salaries by 12 per cent.

“Nothing permanent has been agreed for the rest of the season. Apparently here we are looking at what is the politics of auditoriums. Will we get spectators in the hall or not, ”Tyrväinen told HS when the team’s home trip from Malmö was about to begin.

In Luleå the pay cuts made are still very small, especially given that there are almost no viewers at all.

“It’s a good situation to be able to look and wait. If this continues like this, we will probably get some discounts for the whole season for sure, ”Tyrväinen said.

Djurgården and Leksand were the first to start lowering their salaries a little more significantly. Brynäs joined with 12 percent just before the Växjö match on Saturday night.

“In the big picture, clubs are in much better oxygen in Sweden than in Finland. No need to be so worried here. The clubs stay upright. The business side is handled a little better than in Finland. ”

“I think most of the gangs are in good spirits, even though that’s the case.”

Luleå Hockey leads the SHL after about eight rounds have been played. The club has got off to a good start, as has Tyrväinen and another center Arttu Ilomäki, who scored two goals in a away game against Malmö. Luleå won the match 4-2.

“Here, with large halls and 50 spectators, the atmosphere is not the same. This is not a nice situation for players either. We have to play in a bit of an insensitive state. Of course, you do your best on the field there, ”Juhani Tyrväinen from Luleå Hockey told HS.

Brynäsin club leader Michael Campese told Aftonbladet that the pay cuts were well received by the players. And he didn’t think Saturday’s loss was due to austerity measures.

In Djurgården, players’ bonuses have been taken out, as well as club bonuses, which would have accrued players extra pay under normal circumstances.

Brynäs estimates that the savings from wage cuts will be millions of kronor (hundreds of thousands of euros) and the current decision would be three months.

“If things haven’t changed by Christmas, we’ll have to make some plans for the rest of the season. I think this is alive all the time, ”Tyrväinen said of Luleå’s situation.

Whereby by law does the coronavirus appear or affect you in Sweden?

“When we travel a lot, we have to wear a mask at airports and on planes. It’s a smart and good thing to be taken seriously. ”

Tyrväinen said that the existence of the virus does not have a terrible effect on life.

“In the direction of Luleå, people are able to live a normal life. In everyday life, it doesn’t feel like it. ”

Tyrväinen and Ilomäki are the reigning world champions when they were winning the World Championship gold in Leijon in the spring of 2019.

Both are playing good autumn in Luleå and are at the top of the club’s internal points exchange.

“Good feeling, I get to play a lot and the coach is confident. In terms of points, the season has started quite nicely, but I don’t value the points so much, but the performance of the whole game. You can be quite satisfied, ”Tyrväinen said.


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