Hockey In the jokers’ KHL arena, a fire – home team swinging in the final round: “I had time to think about where the fans have gone?”

Head coach Marjamäki from the corona quarantine to a special winning game: “The third round was good”.

Jokers moved to a time without a home crowd in the KHL hockey league generously. The tiny and loud crowd of 3,588 spectators enjoyed the Jokers hit Sochi 3-0 with the final round hits.

“Third installment – 6-0 goals for us, our underpower game and Janis Kalninsin the fights were good, ”head coach Lauri Marjamäki list.

Opening hit thirsty at the south end Fanikatsomo was surprisingly emptied before the final batch. Loud season passers were directed from the permanent location to the next floor.

The reason for the exact evacuation was an electric fire. Apparently, the electrical board had started to crash due to a short circuit – in the trough, again, the Joker’s spark exploded into a riot soon after the flames of the corridor were defeated with a powder fire extinguisher.

“I had time to think about where the fans have gone? That it’s being played so badly? And then the encouragement sound came from the top corner. Fortunately, nothing more serious happened, ”coach Marjamäki revealed.

Fans are valued by the Jokers – for good reason.

“Our fan group has been loud. Even though the audience has left a lot because of the restrictions, it feels like there is 75 percent of the noise left, ”Joker Striker Jesse Joensuu praised.

In two Joensuu’s gunpowder in the previous match was wet this time. In the last struggle, he artistic with a video inspection of a sealed hit along the racket, previously with knee protection.

“One of my old teachers sent a message that is the next butt? Hopefully we could do with a wrist shot, ”Joensuu sculpted.

The Jokers were coached in Saturday’s match after Marjamäki after a quarantine break of more than a month. They excelled as successors Jari Kurri, Pekka Kangasalusta and Juha-Pekka Pajuluoma.

“It has been difficult to follow the team from the side,” Marjamäki admitted.

Sixth Joensuu from Pori, who plays in the Jokers, thought that there are slight differences between the coaches.

“Sure, a little will change when the head coach changes, but the way of playing is the same. When the players are largely the same, it’s not such a terrible difference now. However, I think that “Late” (Marjamäki) has decided on all the line-ups and others, ”Joensuu apricot.

Winger Joensuu was not cold to judge what kind of substitute he would be knocked into the substitute as a pilot.

“I would probably be a tough jumper as a coach who doesn’t understand anything about those ways of playing. And not necessarily of fear. But I would be a tough jumper, ”Joensuu muttered.


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