Hockey In the extra time, one HIFK mistake was enough and Kristian Kuusela of Tappara vaccinated immediately

IFK’s good phase was broken in the puck league and the team lost at home.

Helsinki IFK’s long good season in the Ice Hockey League was interrupted when classic opponent Tappara went to get the score too classically.

Experienced striker Kristian Kuusela fired a 3–2 victory for the people of Tampere in the extra time, when IFK skipper Jere Sallinen lost the puck in the attack area. Jiri Smejkal and Kuusela were attacked by force and did not result in any good for IFK.

Skillful winger Kristian Tanus nailed the third set of Tappara’s 2-1 lead in the next minutes. IFK: n Otto Koivulan after the cold, the whole five tried at the same time to exchange and Tanus got free lane.

For a long time it seemed that Tanus’ goal would remain a winning hit, but IFK’s Antti Suomela leveled 22 seconds before the end.

Most of the time, Tappara didn’t look like a terribly dangerous opponent, but so it just dug the necessary goals and goalkeeper Christian Heljanko played a mighty night.

In the comparison of the goalkeepers, Heljanko took IFK’s narrow victory Frans from Tuohimaa.

One goal scored by IFK left the scores of scores to the point, but the NHL loan player Joona Luoto played an excellent good underpower game. He skated, deprived the puck and even baited with force Anton Lundellin but the puck slipped into the pole.

Striker Henrik Borgström drives himself into the IFK game, but scored a nice score of 0 + 2.

Tappara continues the period of seven matches, in which the team has not taken any three-point victories. The last three-point full pot came against Ace on October 22nd.

Accuracy stamped the first set, although the further the game rolled the more certain Tappara began to get a grip.

Tappara’s lead came Patrik Virran with control less than a minute before the batch break. There was as much skill as luck in the situation. Tappara had better places before, but the puck didn’t fall behind Frans Tuohimaa.

If the first set went to Tappara, the second went even more clearly to IFK, even though the team scored only one goal.

Defender Joonas Lyytinen gave a return with superiority to a 1-1 draw. Lyytinen scored in his fifth consecutive match. Among other things, the Jukurit match is missing, but Lyytinen was not in that line-up.

IFK played against the Jukes on Wednesday with three pitches, but got Tappara full occupation and almost his best lineup.

A few key players were missing and long-term recoverers, but IFK began to look the same.

Match was the last for IFK at home due to tighter coronavirus restrictions for almost a month. Next week’s two home games moved to January and after that, the Stads will go on a provincial tour.

The spectators praised when they still got to the ice rink and the crowd in the evening was large in these conditions: 4,084 people.

Lundell also played his last home game this year as he leaves the Young Lions on December 13th for the World Championships in Edmonton.

Based on the autumn league matches, the head coach of the 20-year-olds Antti Pennanen is getting a very good number one center in his group.

Lundell, 19, captured the best scorer’s golden helmet with six (2 + 4) points against the Jukers. Lundell is the youngest player in league history to have scored six points in a single game.

Poleaxe play in the League with a crew that does not have players leaving for the NHL in the middle of the season, unlike in IFK. The club made a policy that give their own young people time to play rather than take NHL loans for a few months.

The alignment is good, but one might ask where those young people in Tappara are. Forward Kristian Tanus and reserve defender Toni Utunen were the only ones born in the 21st century. Santtu Kinnunen and Sami Moilanen are 21 years old, but no Tappara can be called a boy club.

In any case, Tappara’s choice can be very good. The current team will increase the interest round by round and only in the spring can the answer to this lottery ticket be obtained. The success of Tappara’s DNA classes can be expected.


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