Hockey Ilves towed to HIFK’s position in the league, TPS’s Canadian reinforcement cut off his goal-free tube in 31 matches

The difference between the lynx and the top of the series HIFK is one point.

TPS and Ilves grabbed home wins in the men’s hockey league on Friday. TPS defeated SaiPan 3–1 and Ilves Aces 5–2. For the Turku team, the victory was the first in eight matches.

TPS: n Tyler Steenbergen scored the opening goal of the match and cut as many as 31 goalless goals. The Canadian striker has conjured a lousy 2 + 4 in 33 matches of the season.

SaiPan Oliver Okuliar leveled the game from a free kick and Jonne Tammela took over TPS again. At the end of the match Eetu Liukas finished with a 3-1 hit undercutting to empty.

TPS is fifth in the series and SaiPa is 13th.

Lynx ran against Ace immediately in the opening round to lead 3-1. Antti Saarela and Aleksi Elorinne scored a goal for the home team at a rapid pace. Joonas Oden did a really handsome pre-job on the opening goal.

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Aces Derek Barach narrowed, and immediately followed Matias Mäntykivi made Ilves’ third hit.

In the second installment of Aces Leevi Viitala narrowed and Les Lancaster finished 4-2. In the final installment Santeri Virtanen scored the fifth goal of the Tampere team. As many as five men from the lynx collected two power points.

Ilves is in good spirits as the team has won five of their last six games. The team is second in the league table, one point behind HIFK, which has played two more matches. Aces are ranked 14th in the standings.

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