Hockey IFK’s stubborn pack Miro Karjalainen’s longest game ban of the season from fighting, Otto Karvinen of Kärppien got the same amount

Jesse Puljujärvi’s knee brace did not produce any further consequences.

Flies The Ice Hockey League match between IFK and Helsinki IFK was also moved to the League Disciplinary Team.

After IFK’s crushing victory, two cases progressed to the disciplines. Flies Otto Karvinen taklasi IFK defender Rony Ahosta from back to side. Karvinen received a three-match ban, the longest penalty of the season to date.

Ahonen was off the edge and according to the League Disciplinary Team, Karvinen would have had time to take into account Ahonen’s vulnerable position. Ahonen was unable to continue playing. Karvinen had no previous significant history of punishment.

IFK led the match 7-1 and won by the same numbers as the big men in the Fly Libor Šulák and IFK Miro Karjalainen started fisting nights as agreed. The pair dance hit Šulák in two matches, but the Karelian had old bottoms and he got three matches.

The Karelian fought twice in the 2017-2018 season and these now weighed in the split penalty. The player’s penalty history extends to the previous three seasons.

When Šulák and Karjalainen started the game, there were only fourteen seconds left and the battle clock stopped when there were seven seconds left. Helmets and gloves flew on the ice right after the start, which was a pre-arranged encounter. Agreed fights automatically lead to a two-match ban, according to League practice.

Flies Jesse Puljujärvi taklasi kneel IFK defender Joonas Lyytinen. Puljujärvi flew out of the match, but the case did not progress from the League situation room to the disciplinary team.

Puljujärvi has made a clear change in his game. High scores and high powers have shifted to the League’s quest for coolness. Puljujärvi has acquired coolers in 43 minutes and only Miro Karjalainen is ahead in his 47th minute.

In the match between the flies and IFK, four draws and as many as 120 penalty minutes were split.

Puljujärvi has scored 6 + 4 in 13 matches and the reading justifies 32 on the points exchange.

League autumn has gone smoothly, with only one additional match for two matches being distributed before these bans.

Defender of flies Miihkali Teppo taklasi SaiPan disc-free Ville Petmania in early November and got two games from it.


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