Hockey HIFK lost their three-goal lead, the semi-final against Kärppi stretched to the second overtime

The frenzied chase produced a result and Kärpät stretched the match.

Helsinki IFK apparently thought in the lead of three goals that the hockey half against Kärppi would be a package without a stamp. Was not.

At the end of the second set, the flies were reduced to 4–2 and continued the frantic chase in the third. Defender Libor Sulakin and Radek Koblizekin with goals The Flies came to a level and the match moved on to extra time.

The match is still ongoing and in a situation of 4-4 when the extra time started. In the overtime, they both had several goals, but 20 minutes went by and the match requires at least a second overtime.

HS follows the game.

IFK: n The 4-1 lead proved surprisingly light when the team lifted their foot off the gas and the Flies got all the forces moving. Experienced Mika Pyörälä directed the first hit of the narrowing yacht: 4–2.

Nor did it save IFK in the actual playing time that the team got a lightning start. Jere Sallinen directed the opening goal from the air after 25 seconds. The finish was fast, but the video review was slow. Steam rose from Pasila’s situation when the referees and match supervisors raffled off whether or not Sallinen’s contact with the puck was a high racket. The verdict was towards the center circle and goal approval.

Defender Rony Ahosen The IFK’s 2–1 goal culminated in the Flies’ entire play. The defenders opened the game too slowly, held the puck for too long and missed the opportunity for a faster attack.

Just before Ahonen’s goal, the defender Topi Niemelä first held the puck and gave it To Joona Huttula. Belongs to the overalls department Micke-Max Åsten began to follow and put pressure on Huttula with tireless vigor. The yacht succeeded when Huttula lost the puck. Ahonen got a surprising goal and tapped the lead.

IFK’s third hit began to have a taste of the hall master’s special. Juho Keränen threw the puck as half-heartedly towards the Flies’ goal. Åsten crouched in front and Patrik Rybár sucked the disc into the frame.

The third goal was enough for Kärppien’s coach and Rybár changed Justus Annuseen. Rybár never had time to fight, as the three discs hit him.

The advantage of IFK in the first two installments was the dynamism of the quadruped chain. The team got more power and support from behind the top fields than the Flies. Nelosvitja Åsten–Miro Väänänen – Keränen was in a great draw on Monday and continued on the same Tuesday, adding laps.

When the IFK bet ended in the third set, the Fly Packs were allowed to open the game in peace. The focus of the game immediately shifted to Oulu residents. Yes Kärpät is such a quality team that it should not let so much loose.

Defender Mikko Kousa was missing from the IFK lineup. Kousa injured his leg while aiming for the puck Aatu Rädy with the first match in the second set. The fly fell Otto Karvinen last minute out of the lineup. His physical game Flies would have missed.

The match series continues in Oulu on Thursday and three wins will be claimed for the semi-finals.

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