Hockey HIFK goalkeeper Frans Tuohimaa is looking for strength from the opening, now there was a zero game against Jukurei

American striker Alex Broadhurst scored two goals at high speed.

Initial It was difficult until the IFK of Helsinki got its machine running in some way in the Ice Hockey League against the Jukures.

IFK won 4-0 in their home hall, although it looked far into the second round that the Stads would pull with half-lights.

Keeper Frans Tuohimaa rejected the zero game, Alex Broadhurst nailed two goals and Miro Väänänen collected three feed points.

In addition Rasmus Heljanko scored the first goal of his career when he took the IFK lead. French kit Yohann Auvitu seals the final figures on the first of the season.

“I got into a good rhythm from the start and personally felt really good playing. The dudes scored four goals. I’m really happy with the win and their own success, “Tuohimaa said.

American striker Broadhurst have scored mainly this season and scored only one goal. Against the jurors, Broadhurst completely changed his profile. He finished two goals every two minutes and 35 seconds.

Broadhurst’s goals took IFK to a 3-0 lead and the match began without a formal third set.

Ville Leskinen served a tasty pass to Broadhurst’s 2-0 goal and his second hit Broadhurst scooped into the middle of the traffic jam.

Match brought IFK the budgeted three points, Broadhurst a nice two goals, but goalkeeper Frans Tuohimaa played the most important game.

Tuohimaa started the season as IFK’s clear number one guard, but even strangely lost its grip and place To Niilo Halonen.

And when Halonen got the responsibility, he carried it upright. Tuohimaa got even more stuck on the bench. He last played against Lock on December 1, so more than six weeks went without matches.

“It’s important, and success especially. It warms up such a really good performance, ”Tuohimaa answered the question about the importance of zero play.

“The early season before the break was not one I would have been happy with in any way. Good luck having got the so-called new Camp [leirin] and I’ve been working out large quantities. Yes, success tastes good. ”

A single victory will hardly restore Tuohimaa to IFK’s number one guard, but will give him and his club promises to re-start the goalkeeper competition.

Tuohimaa in his spare time seeks refreshment and mental recharge from the opening. In addition to taking a dip in IFK’s own cold pool, he also visits the ocean. He already reached the rhythm of winter swimming while playing at SaiPa in Lappeenranta.

“As an athlete, you go through all sorts of things when you’re not happy with your own performance. Yes, for itself, it is more of a breathing hole and a meditative moment of calm. When a little cold shock strikes and tries to fight it, the other thoughts of any sort of world don’t mind. ”

Jukurien young defender Axel Rindell seemed to have taken on all the team work until the beginning of the second set. First came a blow to the hands and a little later Juho Keränen your rig was higher than allowed and Rindell got a blow to his head and neck.

Rindell returned to the trough after a little squatting, but the flight was gone. He still scored goals, but could not surprise himself or Tuohimaa.

IFK will be training on Thursday, taking a weekend off and not playing next until next Wednesday against TPS.


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