Hockey HIFK dug up new solvers, knocked down the Flies in a thrilling game

The injury of defender Mikko Kousa was a bad setback for IFK.

Helsinki IFK took his own away in the first semi-final of the hockey league, but anything but easy. IFK overthrew the Flies 3–2 Teemu Tallberg with one and Micke-Max Åstenin with two paints.

Åsten had time to hit the puck into the empty Fly goal when the guests sought a tie. It looked like a 3-1 goal would seal the match, but Fly defender Ludwig Byström narrowed it down another 27 seconds before the end.

IFK will lead the match series as games continue on Tuesday. The semi-final place comes off with three wins, so there is still enough distance.

Audience was missing, but the heart rate of the game was not. The auditorium looked exactly like the playoffs. IFK tackled more, tried to take the lead, and got it with Tallberg’s goal.

The attack that led to Tallberg’s goal was not quite a textbook pattern, but a success. Henrik Borgström brought the puck up and baited To Mikko Kousa, which fired towards Patrik Rybária. With one touch, Tallberg sent the return disc back like a package ordered online.

Goalkeeper Rybária was confused when the captain Mika Pyörälä threw himself in front. I guess the puck will scratch the bike gear a bit and change the direction.

The flies started strongly and got a few goals at the beginning of the match. The best moment hit To Aleksi Mustonen, when about 6.45 was played. Kousa lost the puck in his own area and directly to Mustonen’s shoulder. Frans Tuohimaa took a few steps and covered the shot.

The flight of the Flies was not long enough when IFK took over the game. The flies didn’t get a moment of peace to raise and build their game.

In the second installment, the game leveled off but did not calm down. The clock started to go to Kärpi when IFK didn’t get another goal. Although the game structure of the Flies remained fragmented, they were offered the opportunity.

IFK relied on smooth rolling, even though it only scored one goal in 40 minutes.

Kousa’s injury at the end of the second round was a big loss for IFK. The absence of the meeting led to a change in number one superiority.

Last during the season, the league playoffs were not played when the coronavirus broke out. This season has been pulled without an audience since mid-December. If someone says that the level of the game collapsed when the halls emptied, you might want to defeat the matches again.

Nothing replaces the atmosphere of a full hall, but the empty auditoriums took their breath away from a surface of the game at most.

Teemu Tallberg (left) was congratulated after his opening goal.­

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