Hockey HIFK defeats Flies in Oulu – Czech player from Jokers caused a surprise: “Drives the crowd cold”

Jere Innala’s hit in the winning goal competition brought HIFK two points.

Interest The men’s hockey league rose sharply in Oulu, when Kärpät strengthened its weakly played team in terms of both the players’ team and coaching.

The encounter tonight against HIFK was reminiscent of the “good old days”. A record audience of 5,882 spectators for the season followed the emotional, high-quality and important encounter that HIFK took in the 4–3 Jere Innalan by hitting.

HIFK’s star acquisition Teemu Turunen got his season opening point in the League by skillfully introducing Innala’s 2-1 goal. Iiro Pakarinen used HIFK close to profit, but the Flies young Arttu Hyry hit a 3–3 tie in 57.04.

Flies were also prominently displayed Julius Junttilawhich paved the way for the last two goals of the people of Oulu.

Illan the fourth acquisition of the Jokers, the defender David Sklenickaseems like a player like this in the league has not been seen for a while.

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“It’s nice to follow a pair of packs as he pulls the outfit cold. It’s good to be there and play, ”Kärppien Mikko Niemelä wondered at Sklenicka’s exceptional physicality.

For Niemelä, the game was in five hundred leagues.

“Before the game and on Friday, I had little recollection of past games and years, but today was quite the norm,” he said.

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