Hockey Hermes’ fabulous spring continues – Agile fell in the opening final of Mestis

Hermes only made it to the actual playoffs through the “pity players” in ninth place in the regular season.

20.4. 20:37

Hockey The fairytale spring of Kokkola’s Hermes, who finished ninth in the Mestis regular season, continued in the opening final of Mestis, which was played on Tuesday.

Hermes, who only survived the playoffs through “pity players”, applied for a 3–2 away win from Imatra Ketterä’s home hall, who finished third in the regular season.

“Pretty incredible feeling. Good game from the team, I can’t say anything else, ” Akseli Karjalainen said after the match in a Ruutu service interview.

The 20-year-old defender scored the opening goal of his Mestis career in Imatra. A wrist shot from the line smoothed the match to 2-2 and the scorer felt “pretty damn good”.

“Eki [Erik Ahopelto] I guess I put a line in there, and I closed my eyes and there, ”Karjalainen added.

Hermes the winning goal was born of superiority Oskari Uomalan from the stage in time 57.07.

Karelian, Uomala and Juuso Ketolan hits as well Joel Blomqvistin 46 fights guaranteed Hermes a sweet robbery from his master cave.

“This is a liberated feeling to play all the time. Absolutely amazing, ”Karjalainen said.

Hermes-bred Karjalainen needed efficiency from the team. Also a coach Jere Härkälä found in the extracts of the goddesses healing.

“Maybe certain things we need to improve are to make the opponent’s attack time shorter and our own correspondingly increased,” Härkälä said in an interview with Ruudu.

Agile the goals were answered on Tuesday Arttu Rämö and Niko Ahoniemi.

Mestis’ final series continues on Thursday in Kokkola. Three victories are required for the championship.

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