Hockey Head coach Pekka Virta followed in the auditorium in Tampere when Lukko marched to the League semifinals: “Pekka will come to the barn when he can give up”

The lynx did not stay with Luko in the semifinals.

Hockey league Rauman Lukko, who overwhelmingly won the regular season, defeated Ilves 5–2 in Tampere on Thursday, and thus the team advanced to the semi-finals with a victory of 3–0.

The victory was also witnessed by the head coach in the auditorium of Hakametsä Hall Pekka Virta. He politely replied that Erik Hämäläinen still responsible for providing comments. Power suffered from coronavirus-induced covid-19 disease earlier this year and was in the intensive care unit for 27 days.

“Pekka comes to the barn when she can give up. It is not yet known when this will happen, ”Hämäläinen said.

Lukon’s head coach Pekka Virta watched the match close to his team’s substitution.­

The lynx rose to the levels at the beginning of the second set, but the joy lasted just over two minutes. Slovak Pavol Skalicky scored a goal after 25 minutes Kristian Pospisil scored the rest of the visitors’ goals.

“At the beginning of the second installment, I noticed that the level of emotion is not at the level it should have been. But a superiority goal was achieved and the third set was well defended, ”Hämäläinen added.

The powers of Pospisil, who were playing their first playoffs, were 2 + 1, Eetu Koivistoisen 1 + 2.

Ilves dropped out of the semi-finals for the tenth time in a row, the last time the team has advanced to the semi-finals in the spring of 2001.

Of these ten match series, Ilves has lost six times, twice lost to 3-4. The last time this happened was in the spring of 2017 against Tappara.

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