Hockey Head coach denied patrolling Patrik Laine: “I just decided to play other players”

Laine hit 1 + 1 against Florida on Thursday, but watched the game’s decision moments from the exchange.

Columbus Blue Jackets head coach John Tortorella denied beating Patrik Laine in Thursday’s match against the Florida Panthers.

The wave was on ice during the 2-4 and 3-4 reductions in Florida. He didn’t get on the ice in the final 6.34 minutes of the third set, nor in the overtime, which ended the Florida goal in 62.48.

He scored 1 + 1 in the match and felt he had played a good match.

“A couple of goals were scored against us. Except for one situation where I didn’t get the bouncing puck out of the area and they succeeded in scoring, I think I played well. I was obviously wrong, ”Laine said.

Tortorella did not see the situation as well.

“I constantly make decisions about players’ ice age and venues. Is it benchmarking? No, I didn’t bench anyone yesterday, ”Tortorella commented on Friday.

“I just decided to play other players at the end of the third round who felt like better choices at the time. I have to make decisions like that. ”

Columbus will face Dallas on Saturday’s round at home.

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