Hockey Goalkeeper legend Tommy Salo received an absolute prison sentence for aggravated drunk driving, denied in court the grabbing of shots during the run

Tommy Salo suffered from drunk driving last August.

20.1. 15:18

Swedish former hockey goalkeeper Tommy Salo sentenced to two months in prison for aggravated drunk driving, says Aftonbladet. The verdict was pronounced on Wednesday in Västerås District Court.

Salo, 48, intends to appeal the verdict. Salon lawyer Erika Lindquistin the judgment should have been conditional because Salo has never been convicted before.

Salo was driving on the E18 motorway last August, and the driving was slow and wobbly. Eventually, he collided with the center railing. An eyewitness who arrived at the scene found 49-year-old Salo out of the car.

A blood test revealed that Salo was 3.06 per cent drunk. In Sweden, the limit for aggravated drink-driving is 1.0 per mille.

According to the interrogation report, Salo had been drinking a lot of alcohol for several days. In addition, he had stopped several times to drink “shots” during police interrogations, according to police interrogations. In court, Salo denied taking the shots.

“That’s not true. It is strangely mentioned in a police interrogation, ”Salo said.

Salo assured that he had not consumed any alcohol since the incident.

Sliver played in the NHL for ten years, representing the New York Islanders, Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche. He was winning Olympic gold in 1994 and World Cup gold in 1998 on the Swedish national team.

Salo is also remembered for its gruesome failure at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002, when the Belarusian striker Uladzimir Kopatsin the fired puck bounced off his helmet to the finish.

In Finland, Salo is also remembered for the semi-final of the 2003 World Cup against Leijon in Helsinki. Finland led the match 5–1 with Salo on the Swedish goal. After the change of goalkeeper, Sweden turned the game in their favor and won 6–5.


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