Hockey Fans buzz, Ovetkki ranks third in NHL’s all-time goal statistics alongside Jagr

Washington Capitals ’Russian striker Aleksandr Ovetkkin rose to a split third place in the all-time hockey NHL goal scorer round on Tuesday.

Ovveth also hit an empty goal as Washington won the Calgary Flames away 5-4. He was hit 36th in the season and 766th in his career in the NHL regular season.

Ovetškin also finished his team’s 2-2 draw in the second round.

The Russian rose in the all-time statistics to the levels of the Czech Jaromir Jagrin with. The Canadians are no longer ahead Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe.

Ovetškin needed 1,253 matches for 766 goals, while Jagrilla went for 1,733 matches.

“It’s always great to hear about such milestones. I have always said that it is great to be accompanied by such players, ”Ovetškin commented after the match.

Ovethki has also been in the spotlight in recent days because of the war in Ukraine, as he has become known as the President of Russia. Vladimir Putin as a supporter.

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For example, Ovethkin still has a joint photo with Putin in his profile picture on Instagram. Nor has he condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Calgary fans repeatedly buzzed at Ovethkin when it touched the puck, according to U.S. media.

More are likely to come next night when Washington meets Edmonton Oilers at the guests. Edmonton has the largest Ukrainian population in Canada, and the club has planned a special program to visit Ovashkin.

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